18 Top Character Design Tips for Animation Films

Character design is not that basic as it searches in motion pictures and animations. It takes long hours of designers to develop a character for a specific story. Character designing may have complexities, however, the designers constantly intend to keep them simple. It’s more than simply understandable functions, tidy lines that are needed in a character. It is likewise about where to stress and where to minimize based on the personality of the character in the story. We have actually seen Disneyland animations, Tom & Jerry, Ice Age motion pictures, Jungle Book therefore a lot more, and each personality in each one of the aforementioned has actually made a strong impact in our minds to live forever. If one has the idea of the character in the mind then the following tips would be valuable, to start developing a character is very complex.

01. Know the Audience

It should be the most significant step in the method of developing characters. The characters designed for kids are brighter in colors and have actually got really standard shapes.

02. Know the Positioning

In which position and how the character will be presented in the story likewise plays a crucial role in character development. In what medium character will be seen also has a part to show here. Normally, little mediums like cellphones do not need complexities in the characters as the big screens need. Whatever the medium is, character designing constantly begins with a paper, pencil, lots of sketches, concepts, and more.

03. Examine Other Designs

You must make an analysis of why some characters achieve success and some are not. Do proper research study and thorough research study of the various characters appearing in animation channels, animation films, advertisements, etc.

04. Your Character must be Unique

Whether its shape, its personality, its attire, or its color, animation characters must be unique to stand out in the crowd. It could be an animal or a human or beast, the character designs require to be interesting to draw the attention of the people.

05. Drawing Line and Styles to Emphasize

Lines whether the thick or thin line ought to be even and easily shaped to produce a personality that is adorable, approachable, and affecting. People demand precision in the creation and have become really watchful of the perfection of the character that is projected in the stories.

06. Amplify the attributes

Then it captures the attention of the viewers as it appears bigger than life if the character’s location amplified. It also helps the audience in recognizing the character and remembering it forever besides improves the personal qualities of the character. It might include – big nose, bulging eyes, hands with 2 fingers, big head sizes.

07. Colors Make a Big Difference

Pick colors carefully; as colors make a huge distinction and help your creation become obvious in the crowd. Colors like black, blue, grey jobs negative intents, while light colors – white, pinks, yellows and blues describes innocence and pureness.

08. Clothes and Accessories

Outfit and devices discuss the characteristics of the character in the story, besides also about its social status. Great deals of diamonds and pieces of fashion jewelry mean riches and untidy and messy clothing show a bad lifestyle. Accessories like swords, flying tools just add to the personality and the role of the character.

09. 2D or 3D?

You require to choose how you want to forecast your character and how it needs to look from different angles. 2D or 3D features add an entire makeover to even a flat picture. If your development is going to run on 2D or 3D platforms then you require to plan the height, weight, and shape of the character extremely thoroughly as even a small error would alter the shape of the character and make it look extremely different from what you imagined.

10. Personality & facial expression

The personality of the character is a very essential guideline to follow while producing it. How it reacts in various situations, how it alters its expression exposes the function of the character. Whether the character is sporty or dull or a genius or a friendly one or has a destructive and villainous nature. The facial expression states it all. The motion of eyes, nose, or lips can tell whether one is explosive, annoying, envious, sad, delighted, worried, or scared. One can read the feelings from facial expressions depending upon their personality.

11. Character with goals

Whether one is watching a movie, checking out a story, or seeing an animation, the goal of the lead character is the driving force behind a character’s character. To develop a dramatic angle to the story, a character must be offered goals like – solving mysteries, assisting clingy individuals, protecting people from evil characters.

12. Developing a background

A story to back the character makes it more fascinating. Where it came from, what are the life-altering events in his life, what made it think of using up a tough goal, etc. can add interesting and inspiring angles to the story.

13. Learn and investigate

It is not required to follow the rule book whenever. It likewise depends on the mood of the artist how the personality of the character will be created. You ought to be open to experiments that can result in interesting outcomes.

14. Using paper and pencil is not a bad idea

It is constantly good to draw your character on paper. Many of the interesting characters of yesteryears were drawn when drawing with the aid of software was a far-off dream.

15. Let individuals share their thoughts

This will assist you in comprehending if your character is able to engage with the audience or if you are able to put the character you wished to in your development. Whether the character is able to express its qualities as planned.

16. Believe beyond your strategies

It is required as an artist to visualize your creation on various platforms. How it would search for 2D and 3D platforms. Which platform would boost the qualities much better and on which platform audience would enjoy seeing it?

17. Right environment makes it popular

The environment in which the creation of dwells and engages is necessary to make audiences feel the character. It enhances the life of the character in the viewer’s mind.

18. Breathe life into the Characters

Your production must look like a real-life character. Its facial expressions, the environment it resides in, and the personality type in every circumstance that is close to real-world characters make it accepted by the audience.

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