How to Earn Gift Cards by Writing Reviews on Capterra ?

What is Capterra ? is it legit or a scam ?

Capterra is an online marketplace helps consumers for selecting right software based on user’s review and there need. It serves as a agent between buyers and seller’s.

When you start writing a review on Capteraa, first question will come in your mind, is it Legit or a scam ? Yes, Capterra is an legit and legal software which awards its reviewers with gift cards for writing a review on different software’s. Personally, I reviewed 5 software’s on Capterra website in last month and for each software review, I received a 5 $ gift card.

If you write a review with your own knowledge ( about the software you have chosen to review ) based on your working experience of the software without using copy and paste information from other sources then your review will be easily accepted and published on the Capterra website and you can easily get a 5 $ gift card for your review.

How to create a account on Capterra ?

1. Click on the Capterra review or search “Capterra” on Google and click on the review software. Review Software page will open

2. Click on Log in / Sign Up option at the top right side of the window. Sign up page will open, use Linked in (If you click on Linked in, it will ask for Email Id and Linked in Password) or Google ((If you click on Google, it will ask for Email Id and Google/ Gmail Password)) credentials for sign up . Also you can create account by using Email Id and password option (create new password).

After creating account, add your work experience in the Profile and settings page.

3. Once sign up process is completed, you are ready for writing a review. Capterra team will verify your account and will send will you an email regarding there campaign.

4. Once you get an email, click on “Get Started” option in the email, Capterra review software page will open. Search for any software which you have used and having good knowledge of that software in the search bar and click on “review now” option. Once you click on “review now ” button, write a review software page will open. Fill up personal and professional details. Answer couple of questions related to the software use.
A. How frequently do you use this software? > If you are using it daily for professional work select “daily”
B. What is your role in using this software? > select “I am a user”
C. Post review anonymously ? > Tick mark it (select Yes) if you want your review to be posted as anonymous.

5. Click on “Next”, rating details web page will open . Now, rate overall quality, ease of use,
features and functionality, customer support , value money , ease of deployment, pricing software recommendation based on your working experience on this software and click “Next”,

6. once you click on “Next”, main review page will open. Write “Tittle” for your review, use simple, unique and different title for your review. Write pros , cons and overall experience of the software in minimum 100 words and click submit.

7. After submissions of the review, Capterra team will review your review and if accepted and published, they will send you e mail about your reward information.

How to redeem Gift cards from Capterra ?

1. Once your review get accepted and published on the Capterra website, you will get a email from Capterra which will inform you about your reward i.e. Gift card. In the email, click on redemption link , it will open redemption details page

2. In the redemption details page, select your card details. Four different card options are available for redeeming Gift cards and they are, MasterCard, Starbucks and Target. (Note – MasterCard is the only option for redeeming Gift card outside of the US). Select appropriate card (e.g. Mastercard USD) and select amount in dollars (for MasterCard, Minimum redemption is 5$) and click on checkout option.

3. Once you click on “checkout” option, digital delivery page will open. It will ask for your name, email details and will ask you to review your order. After reviewing your order , click on complete. Once you click on complete, you will receive a email with Gift card details.

Happy earning !

Image Source – Capterra website.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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