How to Earn Money by Writing Research Paper ?

Most of the Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Graduates, Postgraduates, Mathematicians, working professionals, Students and Teachers do a lot of research in their field. They develop various methodologies, mathematical models, algorithms and implement them using software or in the real world using Practical Lab.

They have Analytical and theoretical results ready with them. But due to unavailability of time (or having less information about Professional writing), they hire research writers to write thesis or dissertation on their research work and to publish it in reputed journals/ Conferences (Scopus, ASME, SAE, Web of science, ResearchGate, ScienceDirect, Elsevier, ISI, Springer, etc. ).
Generally, students already have manuscripts ready with them but they have less information about good recognized journals and did not know correct process for publishing research papers. So, they hire freelancers who have knowledge of publishing research paper in Journals/ Conferences.

Sometimes content work of the research paper already completed by the researcher but some restructuring work is required to do. In some cases, plagiarism is more in the research paper (it should be within accepted limit, accepted limit changes based on the quality and reputation of the Journal) and freelancer’s work is to reduce plagiarism as much as possible so that researcher can able to publish his work in the reputed Journal. Sometimes researcher only share methodology used and research findings details and freelancers need to work on whole process of research paper i.e. from Abstract to References

Important Steps for Research Paper

Basic structure of the research paper consists of – Abstract, Introduction, Literature survey, Research Methodology/ Mathematical Modelling, Implementation of the model, Results and Analysis, Errors and Uncertainties, Future Scope and References.


In all Journals, Abstract of the research paper is always freely accessible to read without any charges. After reading Abstract, reader decide to download the research paper by giving some money to the Journal. So, Abstract of the paper should be clear, precise, simple, unique and should give basic information about research findings, methodology used/ developed, conclusions and future scope.

Mostly all Journals asks researcher/Author to submit a Abstract first. Based on the information( about the research work) mentioned in the Abstract, Journals decide to approve/reject the Abstract. If Abstract accepted then only you can able to submit a research paper /manuscript in the journal. Abstract should be written in one Paragraph and should not be more than 300 words.

Sometimes researcher hires freelancer only for writing Abstract as based on Abstract your research paper approval / rejection is dependent.


Introduction covers introduction of the topic, objectives, need of the research and Objectives. It should answer following questions , why this research topic topic chosen ? or what is need of the research ? which methodology is used/ developed and how it is implemented ? what is the Aim/Objective of this research ? what is primary and secondary objective of the research ? It should cover brief introduction of the topic.

Literature survey

Literature review is the backbone of the research work. When you start doing research on any topic, you must have information about the research already done by researchers on that topic. By using that research data, you can develop new methodology/ mathematical model.

Generally researcher complete literature review on his own and writer’s / freelancer’s work is to to do a restructuring and rewriting work by reducing plagiarism as it should be plagiarism free and sources should be mentioned in the correct place.

Research Methodology and / Mathematical Modelling

Mostly Research Methodology work is already done by the Author / Researcher. Only rewriting or restructuring of the content is required to do by a freelancer. All the details related to the Methodology and /mathematical modelling should be mentioned in this part. For more details on Research Methodology, you can refer Research Methodology book written by C R Kothari.

Implementation of the Model

It covers implementation of the methodology developed/used by the Author using any Software or implementing it in real world (like in the practical Lab). It should cover overall process of implementation of model in real or virtual world.

Results and Analysis

Most important step of the research paper is the Result and Analysis part. Result findings and analyzed data are already provided by the author to the writer. For analyzing results, writer must have knowledge of various mathematical software’s like Microsoft Excel, statistical software’s and he should interpret analyzed data using Graphs, pie charts, tables. comparison charts.

Errors and Uncertainties

Research work is never perfect and there are always some limitations in the research work. Due to limitations , there are some errors and uncertainties in the result findings . Those limitations should be mentioned in this part.

Future Scope

As research work is never perfect, there are always chance of improvement and enhancement in the research work . Those information should be mentioned in this part.

References and Miscellaneous

All the references used for writing a manuscript / research paper should be mentioned correctly. All journals uses different and simple referencing styles for their research papers and depending on the journal , you need to use a referencing style. After approval of the Abstract, Journals will send you referencing style for their Journals. Except Abstract, references should be mentioned in all steps (like Introduction, Literature review …) of the research paper.

Check for Plagiarism and Grammar

All reputed journals reject research papers having plagiarism. So writer should focus on decreasing plagiarism as less as possible (there are various tools are available for checking plagiarism and correcting it). Research should not be having any grammar mistakes, proofread your document multiple times. You can also ask someone to proofread article so if any grammar mistakes found can be eliminated.

How to get research paper writer work ?

In most of the freelancing websites, you will get a research paper writer work. In the website if you search in the search bar ” research paper”, you will get projects related to research paper writing. Please create a feasible and practical bid on the project and if your bid get selected, you can start working on that project.

Also if you search on various employment websites , you will get a research paper writing work /job. Join various social media groups like Facebook, telegram groups ( having common Objective) which focuses on research papers, thesis, articles and related work. Members of this groups are mostly freelancers and researchers. Employers/ researchers post their requirement in this Groups and get their work done from freelancers.

How to Bid for Research Paper Writing Project ?

Generally in freelancing websites, Employer posts their projects with payment and time details and freelancers bid on the projects. based on Bid details, employers select the freelancer give him /her a project. Therefore Bid should covers all qualifications required to do project, it should be feasible and practical.

For research paper writer project bid, bid should cover your research paper writing skills (written language fluency details, Software knowledge, Research methodology knowledge, Referencing styles used by different journals). Also add your qualification and certificate details correctly in the bid. Also mention details of your Portfolio i.e. details of the research paper you have already published/ not published. Also add your knowledge about different reputed Journals/ Conferences like IEEE, ASME, SAE, ISI, Scopus, Elsevier, etc.

Some researchers also ask to make a presentation on the research paper. So, it will be good if a Freelancer (or a research paper writer) have a good Presentation making skills.

Happy Earning!


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