AttaPoll App Review – Can we really earn money from AttaPoll app?

What is AttaPoll App ?

In order to understand the needs of the customers, to increase the awareness of the product, to know the perception about the product/service, companies do survey work and collect the feedback from the customers about the product, its quality and service. But companies do not have much time to do surveys themselves, so they hire other companies who collect information from the public and pass that information to the original company by charging some amount. AttaPoll is also one of the platforms that takes surveys, opinions and reviews from its users and provides aggregated information to the company. AttaPoll pays its members for giving opinions or completing various surveys on their application. Minimum redemption amount for AttaPoll is 3$ only, you can redeem your money by using PayPal account.

Is AttaPoll a legit website ?

Yes, AttaPoll is a legitimate and genuine app and they have already paid a lot of money to their users.

How to open account on AttaPoll app?

  • Currently AttaPoll is only available as a mobile app. You can easily download AttaPoll app from this link or from Google play store.
  • Click on the mentioned link or search “AttaPoll” in the Google Play store search bar, Google play store page will open with AttaPoll app window, download and install the app from that page.
  • Once download complete, open the app and fill up the application details form. It will only ask for personal details like Email id and Mobile Number. During the sign up process, If asked about the AttaPoll referral code , use this AttaPoll referral code – erpwk.

How to earn money from AttaPoll app ?

  1. Once the application process is complete, you will receive preliminary surveys that mostly focus on personal, education, employment and geographic details about the user. If you answer all the initial surveys correctly, you will start getting more surveys.
  2. If you answer the surveys without any errors and without any fraud, you may be able to get the minimum redemption amount within just 2 days (working up to 30-40 minutes a day).
  3. When you start answering a survey on AttaPoll at the initial stage of the survey itself, it offers you 0.01$. If in any case you become ineligible for a survey, you will get a minimum of 0.01$. Survey payments range from 0.01$ to 1$ depending on the time of completion.
  4. If you answer a survey correctly, the chances of disqualification for next survey are greatly reduced and the frequency of receiving more surveys also increases.
  5. Personally I recommend AttaPoll app because I earn from 1$ to 5$ weekly by answering surveys on AttaPoll. If you answer surveys regularly, your chances of getting more surveys increase.
  6. You can also earn money by inviting your friends to download and install AttaPoll app.
Attapoll app referral code

Plus for the AttaPoll app, the redemption time for withdrawing money to your PayPal account is very short. So answer more surveys and earn more money.

AttaPoll Payment proof –

Note – After reading this post till end, if you did not install and use Attapoll application then you have wasted your valuable time to read this post, install application now and use referral code – erpwk. You can enter the AttaPoll Referral code in the settings page in the “Enter Referral code” option.

HappY EarninG !
Image Source – AttaPoll application



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