Shop101 Review: Earn money | Reselling| Referral code

Shop101 is one of the best reselling apps to earn money online without any investment in India. It helps Indian freelancers, working from home individuals, part timers, housewives, college students, small shop owners, small entrepreneurs, small startups, traders to earn money online. It is also a good app for starting your first / new online shop/ small business. Shop101 app also claimed that they have total 90 Lakh+ Registered Resellers & 20,000+ Wholesalers across India and they successfully completed 1 Crore+ Orders.

How to Open Account on Shop101 ?

You can easily download and install Shop101 app (.apk) from Google Play store by clicking here or by searching “Shop101” in the search bar. After installing app , open Shop 101 application, it will ask you to sign up/ log in, you can easily sign in using your contact details (like Mobile No). Once Sign up process is completed, you can start earning money by selling products from Shop101 app to your friends/ families.

How to Earn Money on Shop101 app?

There are large number of trendy & best-selling products like Home Products, Gym products, Shirts, Men/ Women accessories , Sarees, Kurtis, dress materials, Beauty products, Electronic products etc. are available on Shop101 app at wholesale price. You can share those products with your friends /family members after adding your profit margin. You can order products for your customers with addition of your margin, those products will be delivered directly to customer address without any error and your profit margin will be added to your bank account . Shop101 also helps to create and manage your own website, you can add Shop101 products on your website and sell. You can add products with your affiliated link on that website and once order from customer side is completed, your profit margin will be added to bank account

When you open Shop101 app, it will show different product categories such as Men, Women, kid, Electronics etc. you can chose any product category and can sell any product from that category.

After selecting product, check product details correctly. Here, couple of options are available to earn money, one is “Order now” and other is “Share and Earn”. You can earn points ( can redeem those points during order of any product) by sharing this product (click on “Share and earn”) with your friends and you can order the product by clicking on “Order now” button.

When you click on “Order now”, discount and price details page will open. In the discount section, add coupon / credits details if you have any coupon and click on “Enter customer Price” button.

In the customer price page, enter customer price including your margin. Let say if you want Rs 25 as a margin and if product price is Rs 100 then enter customer price = Rs 125 and click on “Next” button.

Once you enter customer price , it will ask for delivery address and add customer’s address correctly .

You can use any of the online payment or COD option for payment . Once payment process is completed (in case online payment), your order will get placed. In case of COD, order will place when you complete customer’s address details itself .

Refer & Earn

By inviting your friends to download and install Shop101 app, you can easily earn 10 % commission maximum up to 50 INR per order for first 5 orders. In Shop101 application, click on home menu, it will open various options to earn money. In Offers and promotions, click on “Refer and earn”.

In the refer and earn page, click on enter referral code and enter this code (RTIYXV).

Now click on “Refer friends and Earn” button, it will generate a link, share that link with your friends and ask them to download application. Once they successfully download and order any product from Shop101 application, you will get your 10 % share up to Rs 50.
Happy Earning!

Image Source – Shop101 Application


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