How to earn money on MoneyTree Rewards ?

MoneyTree Rewards is an rewarding mobile application pay its members in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash for completing small tasks such as answering Surveys, downloading mobile applications, registering on websites/applications, performing daily tasks, refer and earn, etc. It gives you points for completing offers which you can redeem using Gift cards or PayPal cash, once you achieve minimum redemption limit. You can easily earn points on MoneyTree Rewards, I personally use this application daily for 20 min and within 2 days of usage of this application, I achieved more than 1000 points. If you work for more hours, you can easily achieve minimum redemption limit within a day.

How to Create Account on MoneyTree Rewards ?
You can easily download MoneyTree Rewards application from Google Play Store by searching “Money Tree Rewards” in the search bar. Install and open the application, it will ask you to sign up. Sign in using your contacts details (like Mobile no and or Email Id), it will ask you to verify your contact details. Once verification process is completed, you can start earning points on MoneyTree Rewards.

How to Earn Points on MoneyTree Rewards?
At the start itself, MoneyTree Rewards will give you initial 5000 points for completing account verification. Now, go to profile section, click on “Join a team” and enter invite code as “TD8DO“. By joining a team and becoming a member , you will get 100 points as a bonus.

There are 3 different sections are available for earning points in MoneyTree Rewards and they are hot offers section, surveys section and videos section. In hot offers section, you can earn points from 10 points to 12500 points by downloading applications, completing surveys, registering on websites/applications and playing games. There are multiple genuine offers are available in this section. Note : Do not download any application or do not create account on any website /application where you are required to pay any money, also please avoid trading applications and websites.
In Surveys section, two survey platforms are available to take surveys, one is Polifish surveys and other is In Brain surveys. Both the survey platforms pay high points for completing surveys on their platform. By answering surveys only , I achieved more than 1000 points for working only 20 min in 2 days. InBrain surveys pays you partial points in case of disqualification. Each survey pay you from 20s points to 1000s points. Also for visiting daily to MoneyTree application, it pays you 5 points. You can also earn points by watching videos but currently is is disabled.

By inviting your friends to MoneyTree Rewards application and joining your team, you can earn points. You can share your invite code with your friends and ask them to download the application and use your code.

How to Redeem your Points ?
You can redeem your points once you achieve minimum redemption limit. There are multiple payment options are available on MoneyTree Rewards. For PayPal cash in USD and for Google Play gift card, in USD minimum redemption limit is 15750 (5 USD) points. For Amazon gift card, it is 62500 (25 USD). Also for Indian citizens, minimum redemption limit with PayPal is 12900 (300INR).

Happy Earning!

Image Source – MoneyTree Rewards application.

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