Givvy app Review: How to earn Money from Givvy app?

Givvy is an rewarding mobile application which rewards its users for performing small tasks such as playing games (games are Tic Tac toe, Memory, calculate etc.), answering surveys , daily check in, chest and free giveaways.

For completing any task successfully , Givvy gives you coins and number of coins depend upon the task. You can earn maximum coins by answering surveys (i.e. from 200 -1000 coins for a survey) and free giveaways (from 0.1 USD to 50 USD). You can exchange your coins with PayPal cash.

Minimum redemption limit in Givvy is very less as compared to other apps of same category and it is only 0.29 USD.

You can not earn a large amount of money from Givvy but you can easily earn few dollars for working few mins or few hours daily. I personally use this app for only 20 mins daily and earn between 200 – 600 coins (mostly from surveys).

How to Create Account on Givvy ?

You can easily download Givvy mobile app from Google Play store by clicking here (If you use this link, you will get 130 coins as a bonus), if you failed to make it to Google Play Store, click on this link –

Install and open the Givvy application, It will ask you to Sign up, sign in using your contact details (like Phone No and/ Email Id), it will also request you you to provide Language and currency details, please add all details correctly.

Once you complete Sign up and verification process, you can start earning on Givvy app.

How to Earn coins on Givvy ?

Playing games –
You can earn coins on Givvy by playing games. Games available are memory, Tic Tac Toe, calculate, etc. For playing and winning or drawing a game, Givvy gives you 2-4 coins.

You will require lives for playing games on Givvy, initially Givvy will give you some lives. Once you use all lives, you will require to wait for getting lives from Givvy which they will provide after some interval of time.

Giveaways –
Givvy gives free rewards to its lucky users , you will required to join free giveaways contests. Giveaways rewards are from 0 .1 USD to 50 USD. There are multiple giveaways contests occurring daily on Givvy application but chances of getting rewards is very less as multiple users join the contest but I will suggest to join each free giveaways.

Answering surveys-
You can also able to earn maximum coins by answering surveys. Once surveys will be available, Givvy will display it on your screen. You can able to earn 200 -1000 coins if you successfully complete a survey on Givvy. When you answer any survey, please make sure, survey is having rating 4 or above , so that disqualification chances decreases .

Givvy also gives you some coins for daily using application , also you can able to earn coins (4-10 coins) by using chest .

Invite and earn
You can earn coins by inviting your friends to download and install Givvy application. Click on “Invite a friend” option in the offer section, “invite a friend” page will open, share the link mentioned in the page with your friends and request them to download and install Givvy application. You and your friend both will earn 130 coins if your friend verifies his phone number and when your friend reaches 500 coins in his Givvy account, you will get 240 coins.

How to redeem coins from Givvy ?

You can convert your coins in to USD and 119 coins = 0.01 USD . When you achieve minimum redemption limit in to your Givvy account i.e. 0.29 USD, you can withdraw your money in to your PayPal account (please enter your PayPal email address correctly). money will be directly transferred to your PayPal account.
Happy earning !

Image source – Givvy application.



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