How to Earn Money by Playing Games on Grab bucks ?

If anyone told you that a mobile app will assist you in increasing your typing speed and also it will pay you for this activity, then your reaction will be, it’s not possible or app will be fake or it will be illegitimate method to earn money. No, you can really earn money in a legit way by solving capchas on Grab bucks app. Grab bucks is a legit mobile app pays users for performing small tasks such as playing multiplayer or 1vs1 games ( i.e. solving captchas), answering surveys, free giveaways, downloading apps and registering on different websites/ apps. Grab bucks pays users in the form of points for completing tasks on the app and amount of points earned depend on the task. You can exchange your points with a PayPal money.

How to create account on Grab bucks ?

You can easily download Grab Bucks application from Google Play Store by searching “Grab bucks” in the search bar and downloading first result application from the Play store. Install and open Grab bucks application, it will request you to sign up. Sign in using your email address. Once sign up process is completed, you can start earning points on Grab bucks.

How to earn points on Grab bucks ?

When you complete sign up process, Grab bucks will give you initial 1500 point as a bonus. Also you can earn extra 1000 points , if you use invite code – X28GYZ. Go to Enter code section and enter invite code – X28GYZ . 1000 points will be added in to your account.

Playing games
You can enter unlimited multiplayer or 1vs1 games and earn 20- unlimited (depends upon participants in multiplayer games, for 2 participants , points will be 20, for 3 participants, points will be 30 and goes on increasing ) points. You will need 1 ticket to enter in to games which you will get by watching videos on Grab bucks application. In the games, you will require to solve as many captchas (numeric, lower case) as possible before time (60sec) running out. Non winner also gets 5 points if he/ she successfully solves 10 captchas in a game. By solving numerical / lower case captchas, your typing speed will also increase. With start of using this application, my typing speed and concentration on different things is now increasing.

Awesome surveys, fantastic offers
You can also earn points by answering surveys on Grab bucks application. You can earn unlimited points by answering surveys . You can also earn maximum points by completing premium and fantastic offers on Grab bucks application such as registering on different websites/applications, downloading applications, playing games on other applications .
Invite and daily check in
You can earn commission up to 20% of every offer completed by your referral, you will get your invite code in the invite section. You can request your friend to download and install Grab bucks application and ask your friend to enter your code in the “Enter Code” section. Grab bucks also gives 50 free points for daily check in. There are also free giveaways are available to earn point but chances of earning are very less as multiple users join contests.

How to redeem your points ?

When you achieve minimum redemption limit in to your Grab bucks account i.e. 20000 points, you can redeem your money by clicking “claim” button near the Balance option (at the top left corner of the Grab bucks application ) in to your PayPal account (please enter your PayPal email address correctly). money will be directly transferred to your PayPal account.
Happy earning !

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