How to Earn Money by Writing on Pratilipi app?

Pratilipi is an Indian self publishing digital platform that allow users to publish and read original content such as stories, poems, essays, articles, novels etc. in the form of mobile app. It connects readers and writers from 12 different languages (mostly Indian). All content on this portal is free to read. It has a large community of writers who publish their work from the app itself. Users can follow each other on the Pratilipi app, give feedback on the author’s work (content) and interact with the authors.

Recently Pratilipi added new feature to the app, with this feature reader (user) can support writers by giving them stickers for their writing, value of 1 sticker is equivalent to 0.5 INR (2 coins are equivalent to 1 INR). Writers can redeem 42% of the rupee value of those stickers. Along with this feature, Pratilipi has also added another new feature (SuperFan) where the user can subscribe to a particular author in exchange for money.

Pratilipi app initially gives 10 stickers to its users when the user signs up on the app. Users can also earn more stickers by using the app continuously. Even users can purchase stickers from the Pratilipi app with 50 % discount.

In this post , we will discuss following points about Pratilipi app.

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How to Create Account on Pratilipi App ?

You can easily download Pratilipi mobile app from Google Play store.

  • Click on Pratilipi or search “Pratilipi” in Google play store search bar, Google Play store page will open with Pratilipi app window. Download and install the app from that page.
  • After installing the app open it. It will request you to sign up, you can sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials. During sign up process, if asked for a Pratilipi app referral code (RV7BD8R.) , use this Pratilipi app referral code – RV7BD8R.
  • Once the sign up process is complete, it will ask you to choose a content language. Choose your native language or choose a language you are fluent in.

Once you have selected a content language you can start reading stories, essays, poems, articles etc. on Pratilipi app or you can write your own content and publish it on Pratilipi app at no charge.

How to create a post/ article on Pratilipi App?

When you open the Pratilipi app, Pratilipi app will show various options at the bottom of the home page.

  1. From the home page, you can read unlimited stories, articles from the chosen language.
  2. Even from the library, you can access a lot of content. This will show your reading history. Also you can add your favorite content in “My Library” section.
  3. You can write a post, story, article using the “Write” button.

When you click the “write” button, draft page will open where you can draft your content.

  1. Give a proper “title” to your content first in the draft page.
  2. After adding a title, you can write your entire article in the “Content” section.
  3. You can add unlimited words to this section on an article or chapter basis.
  4. You can also use the various options available at the bottom of the draft page such as Undo, Redo, Underline, Italic, Move to Center and more .
  5. You can view a preview of your draft by clicking the “Preview” button in the upper right corner. Also you can save your draft and publish it later using save option.

Once you have arranged your draft correctly, you can publish your draft by clicking “Publish” button, please verify your draft correctly before publishing.

After you publish your content, the content will be available for free to users of the Pratilipi app to read.

All your draft/ published content details are in the “Write” section. It will also show you the leaderboard and author dashboard (all analytical details) of the Pratilipi app. Your leaderboard rank and analytical details depend on the quality of your content.

Does Pratilipi app pays to its users?

Yes, Pratilipi app pays its users for their writing. Pratilipi writers can earn money from Pratilipi app using two ways.

1.Requesting Support from other Pratilipi users.

2.Using Pratilipi Superfan/ Subscription program.


How to earn money from Pratilipi app ?

If your content is interesting then reader will read your content.

  • If reader likes your content then reader can support your content by giving you stickers. Cost of 1 sticker is equivalent to INR 0.5.
  • The best way for a writer to make money on Pratilipi app is to get support from readers in the form of stickers.
  • The Pratilipi app adds 42 % of the rupee value of those stickers (coins) to the writer’s Pratilipi account.

What is Superfan plan on Pratilipi app ?

Recently Pratilipi app has added another new feature called Superfan where users can subscribe to the individual authors and get early access to author’s episodes, poems, articles, stories and much more.

INR 25 is the recurring monthly subscription fee on the Pratilipi app for an individual author subscription.

Is every writer eligible for subscription program ?

  • No, not every author of Pratilipi app is eligible for this program.
  • To become eligible for the Superfan program, writers must meet the following two conditions:
    1. The author must have at least 200 followers
    2. The author must have published at least 5 content in the last 30 days.

How much money will a writer get from Superfan program ?

  • Readers/ Users will pay 25 INR as subscription fee. Of this, 42% will be given to the authors.

How to withdraw/ transfer your money from Pratilipi app ?

The Pratilipi app automatically transfers your money directly to your Bank account.

For this, you need to add your Bank account details in the ” My Earnings ” section.

  • “My Earnings” will only be displayed if you have earned stickers worth at least 1 INR (i.e 2 stickers).
  • You can add bank account details in “My Earnings” section only if your income from stickers is more than 50 INR (which is the minimum redemption amount).

Note – As your readers (followers) grow, your chances of getting stickers from readers increase. So, if you have quality and interesting content, you can easily get readers for your content and earn a good amount of money from the Pratilipi app.

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Happy Earning !

Image Source – All images (or Screenshots) are taken from Pratilipi mobile app.



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