Picxele app Review : Earn Money by Performing Gigs | Invite code | Payment.

Picxele is an rewarding mobile app rewards users for performing gigs and small tasks. Multiple tasks/gigs are available on Picxele app such as installing mobile apps, registering on websites/mobile apps, providing feedback to apps/ websites, taking a subscription of any website/ app, generating lead for any company. For each task, Picxele pay users from INR 10 to INR 1250 depending upon the task. Various other offers and coupons are also available on Picxele app which you can avail and earn cashback. After completion of each task, you need to submit a proof of completion of task (e.g. screenshot of installed app.) to the Picxele. Due to proof of work, Picxele easily verifies your completed task and add payment in to your account. Minimum redemption amount is INR 250.

Is Picxele app safe to earn money online ?

Yes, Picxele app is a legit app to earn money online. It has been downloaded by millions of users from Google play and iOS store and it has good reviews on those platforms.

To use Picxele app and earn money by performing gigs, you need to create a account and sign up on Picxele app.

How to create account on Picxele app ?

You can easily download Picxele app from Google Play store by searching “Picxele” in the search bar. It will show multiple results, click on first result and install the app.

Open the Picxele app. It will ask you to Sign up, sign in using your contacts details (like Phone number and Email ID). During sign in process, it will ask you about Picxele app referral code/ invite code, use this Picxele app referral code/ invite code – PIC7819.

Once sign up process is completed, you can start earning money on Picxele app by preforming gigs.

How to use Picxele app to make money online ?

In the Quests and Offers section of the Picxele app you can find gigs and small tasks to make money online

On the home page of Picxele apps, featured options to earn money online are available. More tasks are available in Quests section.

Once you visit Quests section, you will find multiple tasks such as registering on any websites/ apps, downloading apps, providing feedback to any app on Play Store or Facebook. There are also some high paying tasks where you require to generate a lead for that company. By completing this tasks , you can earn from INR 10 to INR 1250.

In the campaign section, you need to complete a campaign about any company /website/ app with specific target. You can earn high amount of money from INR 500 to INR 10000 by successfully completing tasks . In campaigning tasks, you need to promote the specific app/ website and generate leads for that app. You can also earn money by using various cashback offers and deals from the offers section.

When you perform any task/gig on Picxele app, you need to submit a proof of task completion. Once you you complete assigned task, please take a screenshot of task completion and click on “Submit” in the task. Picxele app will request you to attach a screenshot . When you attach a screen shot, you can able to complete the task.

After completion of task, Picxele team will review the task completion and verify the proof, and if all goes well, they will mark the task as “accepted” and pay you for the work.

How to Redeem your Money ?

You can able to redeem/ withdraw your money once you reach INR 250, You can withdraw your money in to your bank account using bank transfer or in to your Paytm account.

Happy Earning !
Image source – Picxele app.



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