Math Cash app Review : is it legit? How to Earn Money from Math Cash app?

Math Cash is an legit mobile app rewards its users for playing mathematical games and performing small tasks. This is a great app for college students, part time workers, freelancers, work from home individuals for enhancing their mathematical problem solving skills and earning small money in their free time.

Here, you will required to play a 1vs1 game in which you need to solve 20 calculus (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) questions accurately as fast as possible. You will get 4 points for winning a game. One ticket is required to participate in a game which you can earn by answering questions.

You can also earn points and tickets on Math Cash by completing small tasks such as downloading mobile applications, registering on websites. completing surveys, downloading game applications and achieving some level in that game.

You can convert your points in to PayPal money when you reach minimum redemption limit. Current minimum redemption limit on Math Cash is 5000 points which is equivalent to 5$.

How to Create Account on Math Cash ?

You can download Math Cash application from Google Play store by searching “Math Cash” in the search bar.

It will show multiple results in the Google play store page, install the first application and open the Math Cash application. It will ask you to Sign up, sign in using your contacts details (like Phone number and Email ID).

During sign in process, it will ask you about invite code , use this invite code – SBVXM6.

Once sign up process is completed, you can start earning points on Math Cash application by playing games and performing tasks.

How to Earn Points ?

Once you verify your account, Math cash gives you 150 points and 15 special tickets as a bonus. You can also earn 100 more points by using this invite code – SBVXM6 during sign in process. when you open Math Cash application, it will show you Math Cash Dual game below points details window.

It is a 2 player game where winner gets 4 points for solving 20 correct mathematical questions as fast as possible, you will be declared as a winner if you solve all correct questions before your opponent or if you solve more correct questions than your opponent within a given time.

For participating in a game, you will require a special ticket which you can earn by watching videos, answering questions and completing small tasks . You can play this game unlimited times and can earn unlimited points.

Apart from Math Cash dual game, you can also earn points and tickets in Collect Points sections where you will require to complete small tasks such as downloading applications, registering on websites/applications, answering surveys , etc.

You can also earn points and tickets by inviting your friends to install and use this application. You will get 10% commission of your friend’s points when your friend download this application, use your invite code and reaches to 50 points.

How to Convert Points in to Money?

When you reach a minimum redemption limit (currently it is 5000 points), you can exchange your points with a PayPal money.

For converting your points, click on left top menu, sub menu will open. In the Sub menu section, select Payments (3rd option) option.

In payment option, click on Redeem Points. You can redeem minimum 5000 points to maximum 50000 points in to your PayPal account at once. Click on convert 5000 points (or points between 5000 to 50000) in to 5 $.

You points will now be removed from your Math Cash account and 5 $ will be added to your PayPal account.

Image Source – Math Cash application
Happy Earning !


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