How to Earn Money online by Answering Surveys?

There are many websites/applications currently available in the market to earn some extra money online. You can earn money on this platforms in various ways (like doing small tasks, signing up, paid to click, affiliate marketing, creating/watching videos, social media engagement etc.) but the most common method used by these platforms is survey. When you start answering the surveys on these platforms then some questions will come in your mind like Why do these platforms take surveys?, why do they pay us to answer surveys ? are they legit or scam?, can we really earn money by completing surveys?. We will try to cover all these questions in this post based on our experience of answering surveys on various websites/applications.

Why do Companies Take Surveys?

Due to the high competition in every field, companies try to get feedback from their customers on the quality of the product, its service and other details, also to know what the customers really want. This feedback helps companies in their research. It also helps companies to know the product information of their competitors. But due to less time, less manpower or any other limitation, it is not possible for every company to take surveys or feedback from customers. So they hire third party platforms to conduct surveys on their product or service or for a research goal and pay them some amount. These third party platforms take surveys from specific customers and provide information to the parent company in analytical form or as the company requires. Some of the 3rd party platforms are Theroemreach, Peanuts Lab, Opinion capital, Revenue wall, Adscend Media, Cint survey, Pollfish ,etc. These platforms tie up with other mobile apps or websites (the ones you use to answer surveys) and pay them a certain amount. From mobile apps/ websites, they get specific people to answer their surveys.

Is answering online surveys for money safe ?

Yes, answering surveys for money is a safe and legal way. But to answer the survey, use only legal and authentic apps / websites.

Can We Really Make Money Online by Answering surveys ?

Yes, most of the websites/ apps are legit and genuine, if you do the following you can easily earn money by answering surveys on various platforms.

  • When you sign up on a website/app, check the ratings and reviews first. For mobile app, you can check app ratings on Google Play store or iOS store. Do not use apps with ratings less than 3.5 out of 5. Here I am saying 3.5 because sometimes some apps are new and they did not achieve good ratings due to some other stuffs like user experience, performance issue, etc., Sometimes users use the app only for a few hours and they not able to get the minimum redemption amount within that time, based on that experience, they feel that it is not a good app to earn money and give bad rating to app. Also do not use old genuine app with rating less than 3.5, as this app may be genuine but pay on this app may be very less, that’s why the rating on this app is low. For websites, you can see reviews on Quora or YouTube, or you can check out my other posts.
  • When you download an app and sign in using your account details, the initial survey you will receive will be related to your profile details such as personal, education, economic, geographic (for privacy, do not give all correct address details in the survey) details, etc.. For geographic details, use urban or semi-urban locations as most companies want to conduct surveys from Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities. Therefore, your chances of qualifying increase if you use an urban or semi-urban address.
  • Whenever you are answering profile questions (or any other general survey), read each question correctly and then answer it. Based on your profile and initial survey, your further surveys are dependent.
  • During the survey, sometimes they ask about you or your family’s work background, if you or any member of your family works for government or market agencies or a research company,  You will easily be disqualified for most of the surveys as the surveys are mostly taken from the general public. So if any such question is asked, choose none.
  • Do not cheat during the survey and do not rush to answer the questions. There is no correct answer to any question in the survey (it can be positive or negative or neutral). You can answer based on your reasoning, knowledge and information about that product/ service, but answer only related to that topic.
  • Now in most of the mobile apps, the appl shows you the survey rating before starting the survey. You can decide to answer or reject a survey based on the rating, We’d recommend only trying out surveys with ratings 3 and above.
  • Survey is usually done for specific group of people (group changes depending on need of survey). so if you are not part of that group, you will be disqualified in the earlier stage and you will not be paid for that survey. But in some cases, you will be disqualified at the exit stage (i.e. after the survey is completed) and you will not be paid for that survey, in that case please report the issue to that app.
  • You may not make much money at the beginning of using the app. But if you continue to use the survey app after a week (or at most a month), you can start earning a few dollars daily or weekly (depending on the app).
  • Don’t use only one app. I would suggest use more than two genuine survey apps. Use each app for only 20-30 mins daily in your free time. In each app, you will get some surveys daily, so use that app only for few minutes daily. Also some mobile apps send you a notification once the survey is available, you can check that notification and start the survey at that time. Don’t waste more than an hour on survey app.

Which are the best survey websites/apps to earn money online ?

We use the following mobile apps/websites to earn money online by answering surveys. These websites are legit, genuine and safe to use, and they actually pay users for answering surveys.


Swagbucks is an American reward and loyalty program operator that rewards members with free gift cards for sharing opinions, watching videos, answering surveys, and fun polls.

When you share opinions on Swagbucks, it gives you points (Swagbucks) which you can exchange with PayPal money or Amazon and Flipkart gift cards.

If you use Swagbucks daily for 30-40 minutes, you can easily earn 100 – 200 points (exclusive for India), whereas in US you can easily earn 200-400 points.

There is no daily limit for completing surveys on Swagbucks.

We earned 3000 points within a month using only 30 minutes daily. Continue reading…


AttaPoll is also one of the rewarding mobile apps which takes surveys, opinions and reviews from its users and provide collected information to the company and pay its members for giving opinions or for completing various surveys on their app.

If you answers all initial surveys correctly, you will start getting more surveys. Minimum redemption amount for AttaPoll is 3$ only, you can redeem your money by using PayPal account.

If you answer surveys without any error and without cheating , you can able to achieve minimum redemption amount in 2 days (working for 30-40 mins daily). If your answer a survey correctly, chances for disqualification from the survey become very less and also frequency for getting more surveys increases. Continue reading…

Co-Deo –

Co-Deo is an another survey platform pay users for answering surveys. You need to log in to website or mobile app, answer surveys and earn money. website or mobile app, answer surveys and earn money.

Along with answering surveys, you can also earn money by participating in polls, forums and live discussions. This website is good to earn money online for part time workers, reviewers and those who want to earn money in free time. Continue reading..


CitizenMe is a rewarding mobile app pay its users in the form of PayPal cash for answering surveys. You can easily earn money on CitizenMe by answering surveys, we personally use this app daily for 10 min only (or when survey is available) and earn good amount of money.

Probability of getting disqualified in the survey is also very low (so far, I am not disqualified for any survey)in CitizenMe app. There is no any minimum redemption amount required for withdrawing your money on CitizenMe. When you successfully complete any survey, it will directly pay you survey amount in to your PayPal account. Continue Reading..


Timebucks is an PTC (Pay to click ) platform pay its users for completing small tasks. You can earn money by multiple ways such as completing surveys, clicking on ad links, completing slideshows, engage, Push clicks, search , videos, completing other tasks such as installing apps, website sign up, etc.

You can earn unlimited money on Timebucks , there is no any daily limit for completing tasks. Timebucks send your money directly in to your account (chosen payment method) weekly on Thursdays when you reach minimum payout $10. You will require to set your Payment method in settings for getting Payment from Timebucks.

Timebucks is a good app for earning few dollars daily by working for few mins or a hour only. Continue reading..

MoneyTree Rewards

MoneyTree Rewards is an another rewarding mobile app pay its members in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash for completing small tasks such as answering Surveys, downloading mobile apps, registering on websites/apps, performing daily tasks, refer and earn, etc.

It gives you points for completing offers which you can redeem using Gift cards or PayPal cash, once you achieve minimum redemption limit. You can easily earn points on MoneyTree Rewards.

We personally use this app daily for 20 min and within 2 days of usage of this app, we achieved more than 1000 points. If you work for more hours, you can easily achieve minimum redemption limit within a day. Continue reading…


Cashkarma is an similar rewarding mobile app pay its users in the form of Gift cards or PayPal cash for completing tasks such as answering surveys, daily scratch cards, Play time offers and Bonus.

You can exchange your points with gift cards or PayPal cash. Minimum redemption points required for withdrawing through PayPal are 13500 points and which is equivalent to 10$. Also for Indian users, flipkart option is available to redeem your points, minimum redemption points to redeem through flipkart are 5000 points and which is equals to INR 250. Continue reading…


Givvy is an rewarding mobile app which rewards its users for performing small tasks such as playing games (games are Tic Tac toe, Memory, calculate etc.), answering surveys , daily check in, chest and free giveaways.

For completing any task successfully , Givvy gives you coins and number of coins will depends upon the task. Minimum redemption limit in Givvy is very less as compared to other apps of same category and it is only 0.29 USD. You can exchange your coins with PayPal cash.

You can earn maximum coins by answering surveys (i.e. from 200 -1000 coins for a survey) and free giveaways (from 0.1 USD to 50 USD). You can not earn a large amount of money from Givvy app but you can easily earn few dollars for working few mins or few hours daily. We personally use this app for only 20 mins daily and earn between 200 – 600 coins (mostly from surveys).Continue reading…

Happy Earning !

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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