How to Earn Money from ClipClaps app ?

ClipClaps is an rewarding mobile app which pay its users for performing small tasks such as Watching video, Spin, Lucky Roll, Installing applications, Registering on different applications/ websites and Uploading video, etc.

It pays you in the form of clap coins and USD. You can exchange clap coins with USD (100000 clap coins = 1 USD ). You can cash out your money in your PayPal account. You can easily earn few dollars daily by completing tasks on this application. Also, sometimes you will get special discount for converting your clap coins in to cash (USD).

You can cash out minimum USD 0.1 in to PayPal account during your first transaction and afterwards you need to achieve minimum 10 USD (maximum 50 USD ) to cash out in to PayPal account.

How to Create Account on ClipClaps ?

You can easily download clip clips mobile application from Google Play Store by clicking here.  It will go to the Google Play store page , install ClipClaps application from this page.

After installing, open the ClipClaps application it will ask you to sign up, sign in using your account details ( like email ID and phone number), during sign in process if asked about clap code, use this clap code-3883238199.

Once you complete signup process you can start earning points (clap coins) on this application

How to Earn Money on ClipClaps ?

When you open ClipClaps app, in the first page it will show video section. In the video section, you can earn clapcoins by watching videos. You will get unlimited treasure chests after watching videos. You can earn coins, USD or Raffles tickets from this treasure chests.

Your clap coins and treasure chests will be available in the reward section. You can choose category for watching videos in the Discover section

In the reward section, click on top right redeem button and use this clap code – 3883238199 , you will get USD 1 as a sign up bonus. Treasure chests will be shown in this section, click on the treasure chest and convert in to clap coins or raffle tickets or money (USD).

In the rewards section, you can quickly earn clap coins/ money by different options, one of them is Spin, you can earn 0.01 USD to  USD 3 (or clap coins) by spinning a wheel, you will get one mega spin after 6 days which gives good amount of money and you will get a lucky spin after 5 hours. 

You can also earn clap coins or a money by rolling cubes from the lucky roll section where you will get a Mega roll after 6 days and a lucky roll after 5 hours. Also sometimes it gives one treasure chests for spin and roll.

From the free section, you can earn also clap coins by completing small tasks such as installing applications, registering on applications / websites , playing games, quizzes ,etc.

You can also earn clap coins by playing unlimited games, inviting friends and uploading your videos.

You can also earn more clap coins by participating in Financial plan from the wallet section. Here you need to give clap coins to some funds and they will return you clap coins after some interval time (one day, 7 day, 14 day, 30day, etc.) along with bonus coins.

How to Redeem your Money?

All the clap coins can be converted in to USD and 100000 clap coins = 1 USD. Sometimes you also get special discount on converting clap coins in to USD.

For converting clap coins or for withdrawing your money, click on top left coins or USD button. “My wallet ” page will open, you can cash out your generated balance in to PayPal account from this page.

Initially you can cash out for minimum USD 0.1 in to your PayPal account and afterwards you need to achieve minimum 10 USD (maximum 50 USD ) to cash out in to your PayPal account.

Happy Earning!

Image Source – ClipClaps application.



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