How to Earn Money by creating videos on Rizzle ?

Rizzle is an short video platform where you can create your own content in any language in the form of short videos, short series and can earn real money.

Rizzle does not pay directly to its creators but it works as a intermediator between user and creator, user can sponsor you (creator) for your content by using Sponsorship option in the Rizzle.

So, if you create good quality content on this platform, you can easily earn good amount of money from Sponsorship program. Also Rizzle pays money directly to its viewers for watching short series / video of the content creators.

In India, minimum redemption amount for viewers to redeem their money is INR 200.

How to create account on Rizzle app ?

You can easily download Rizzle application from Google play store by searching “Rizzle” in the search bar, it will open some search results. Click on first result (app) and install the app.

After installing , open the app and sign in using your account details like Phone number / Email Id. During sign in process if asked about referral code, use this Rizzle referral code – FREE4SHYKH.

Once you complete sign in process, Rizzle home page will open with short videos, you will get unlimited videos to watch.

Now go to profile page, add your profile details correctly. if you have complete profile, your chances of getting subscribers increases and your videos will also reach to maximum people. Also, create channel for your videos in the profile section.

How to create a post on Rizzle app ?

When you open Rizzle app, click on the middle round screen button to start creating video. There are multiple options available to create and edit your video in the Rizzle. You can access your videos from Mobile Gallery. You can also use your own voice for your video or you can use any music saved from your Mobile Gallery.

Once you add or create video, edit it using different options available. Once you complete editing of your video, you can post/upload your video.

For posting the video, you need to give description of the video. In description, never forget to mention the latest hashtags and trends. Sometimes it takes more time to upload your video (depend on internet connection).

Once you post your video, you will start getting views on your video. If you consistently upload good quality videos (own content) on your Rizzle channel, you can easily get 5000 -10000 views daily.

You can upload unlimited videos. Within a month, if you upload 30 or more videos on your channel, you will be eligible for getting sponsorship from users.

How to earn money from Rizzzle app ?

There will be 3 premium channels for sponsoring you (creator). Initially when you upload 30 videos on your channel, you will get silver Premium channel.

Once you get 50 active sponsors for your channel, your channel will be upgraded to gold channel and when you achieve 250 active sponsors, your channel will be upgraded to Platinum channel.

With silver channel, user will sponsor you INR 90 for 3 months, with Gold channel user will sponsor you USD 0.99 for 1 month and with Platinum channel, user will sponsor USD 2.99 for 1 month.

If you get large number of daily views on your videos and good followers, you can easily achieve those premium channels within a few months and earn more money.

Viewer (or any user) can earn moony by watching videos on Rizzle in the form of rewards and awards. For getting rewards and awards, user need to compete a goal which is to watch video for specific duration.

You can track your goal on top right corner of the home or feed screen. Your rewards will be available in Earnings option in the settings section.

You can redeem your earnings when it reaches INR 200.

Happy Earning!

Image source – Rizzle application.


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