How to Earn Money on Zareklamy ?

Zareklamy is a crowdsourcing rewarding platform that pays its users for performing small tasks like completing surveys, engaging on social media, browsing websites/applications, registering on websites, subscribing to newsletters and shopping online.

Currently it is only available as a mobile app. If you work a few hours daily, you can easily earn extra income.

It is a good platform for freelancers, work from home individuals, students, housewives. There is no limit on completing tasks, you can complete unlimited tasks (if available) daily on the application.

There is another application of the Zareklamy platform, Zareklamy ads which helps content creators (like youtuber, blogger, vlogger, etc) to promote their content easily. You can also promote your social media profiles, applications, websites and ecommerce business using Zareklamy ads application.

How to Create Account on Zareklamy ?

You can easily download Zareklamy application from Google play store by searching “Zareklamy” in the search bar, it will open some search results. Click on first result (application) and install the application.

After installing , open the application and sign in using your account details like Email Id., you can use Google or Microsoft account for sign up.

Once you complete sign in process, Zareklamy home page will open. In the home page, it will show you “Estimated earnings” and “Balance amount”. Click on the top left dashboard button and select “Earn” option to start earning.

How to Earn Money on Zareklamy ?

When you open Earn page, it will show you different methods for earning and they are Leave engagement on social media, Play games, Fill out surveys, Browse websites, videos, ads, write comments, create accounts ,subscribe to newsletter and online shopping.

In Leave engagement survey , you need to perform few actions such as follow, like , subscribe, view, share, event join ,etc. on the various social media eg, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok (Not available in India), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify song plays, reddit upvotes, Quora, etc. For each view, like, follow, share, event join, watch video, you will get money between .01 to .02 £ .

In games, you can earn points by playing different games and you can convert those points in to real money . 100 points is equivalent to .8 £. In Fill out surveys, you can earn money by answering surveys. There are different survey platforms are available to take surveys such as pollfish, Fyber, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, etc. You can earn large amount of money by completing surveys. You can also earn money by browsing websites, ads , videos, creating accounts

Referral program –
You can also earn money by inviting content creators , websites, applications to create ads on Zareklamy ads and you will receive 5 % of the amount spent on advertisement.

How to Redeem your Money ?

You can withdraw your money using following payment methods: Bank transfer, PayPal and Pioneer. The minimum withdrawal amount is £20. You will receive your money within 2-3 business days.

Happy Earning!

Image Source – Zareklamy application


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