How to Earn Money on Timebucks ?

Timebucks is an PTC (Pay to click) platform pay its users for completing small tasks. You can earn money by multiple ways such as completing surveys, clicking on ad links, completing slideshows, engage with social media, Push clicks, using search box , watching videos and other tasks such as installing applications, registering on websites, etc.

You can earn unlimited money on Timebucks and there is no any daily limit for completing tasks. Timebucks send your money directly in to your account ( chosen payment method) weekly on Thursdays when you reach minimum payout $10.

You will require to set your Payment method in settings for getting Payment from Timebucks. Timebucks is a good app for earning few dollars daily by working for few mins or an hour only.

How to Create Account on Timebucks?

you can easily open account on Timebucks from here. Sign up page will open, sign in using Email Id and Phone Number. Once sign in and verification process is completed , you can start earning on Timebucks. for easy verification and getting payment easily, update your profile details in the settings page.

How to Earn Money on Timebucks?

When you open Timebucks homepage, click on “Earn” button. “Earn” page will open, it will show you different options to earn money.

Answering surveys :
You can earn money by completing different surveys. There are multiple survey platforms (Theorem Reach, peanuts lab, opinion capital, revenue wall , Adscend Media, Cint survey, sample cube, yuno surveys, Your surveys etc) are available to take surveys. You can earn large amount of money in dollars by completing this surveys. There is no daily limit for participating in surveys. for more details about answering surveys please check can we earn money by answering surveys ?

Content section :
You can also earn good amount by participating in different tasks in content section such as clicking on ads, going through slideshows, engaging with different activities (watch specific YouTube videos ), push clicks – clicking on specifics ads, Product search and videos. You can good amount of money by completing tasks in content section.

Tasks section :
In tasks section, you need to complete specific tasks within specific interval of time. tasks will be subscribe, follow, like on Social media, Email sign up, install applications, watch YouTube videos ,etc. If you complete specific task within a given time and attached task complete proof (screenshot) correctly, your money will be added in to your Timebucks account without any issue. You can easily earn above $1 by completing tasks by working only few mins daily .

Refer –
You can earn commission if you refer your friend or family member or any one to use Timebucks website for earning money. You will get 15 % commission on your referral. You can copy your referral link from refer section and share with your friend. You can also earn money by completing tasks of other platforms (e.g. Offerwalls and Ali Express) on Timebucks application. You can also earn y creating links and participating in sweepstakes.

How to Redeem your Money?

When you sign up on Timebucks websites, first go to settings and set a payment method for withdrawing your money.

There is no withdraw or redeem option in the Timebucks. Timebucks send weekly payments on Thursdays directly in to user’s account through selected payment method. Available payment methods are AirTM, tango Card , Bank transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin, etc.

Minimum payout amount on Timebucks is $10. If you reach the $10 minimum payout by the cut off date which is Tuesday 11:59:59PM New York time , you will get your payment $10 or above on Thursday.

Happy Earning!
image source – Timebucks website.


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