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eloelo is an Indian short video platform allow users to play games live, to attend livestream, to watch videos & to earn money, it is available in 3 Indian Languages- Hindi, English, Telugu.

You can earn money on eloelo app in the form of elo-coins, free gifts & coupons from leading brands. Creators on eloelo app can earn large amount of elo coins by creating live stream and by participating in challenges and viewers can also earn elo coins by voting for creator’s videos and completing small tasks.

For Whom eloelo app is the best to earn money ?

eleelo app is suitable for social media influencers, vloggers, motivational speakers, Content ( video ) creators, marketing and media persons, social media managers. etc. to earn some passive income.

How to download eloelo app ?

  • You can easily download eloelo app from Google play store.
    • Click on eloelo app download, Google Play store page will open with eloelo app window.
    • Install the eloelo app from that page.
    • After installing , open the app and sign in/ log in using your personal account details like Phone number / Email Id. During sign in, if asked about elo elo app promo code or elo elo app referral code, use this referral code –553333
  • Once you complete sign in process, go to profile page and complete your profile details , you will get 500 elo coins for completing profile details. eloelo app will also give you 100 elo coins for sign up as a bonus.

How to Earn Money on eloelo ?

When you open eloelo app, it will show all options to earn elo coins such as daily log in streak, top live sessions, Play & Earn and trending challenges.


Host Live stream

  • Creators can earn money by creating Livestream on various topics such as Quiz, Tambola, Live entertainment, attending musical chair.
  • Important tip, for hosting live stream, you need to have 9 + vote o meter on your account. You can increase your vote o meter by participating in challenges where viewers vote for your videos.
  • When you host livestream on eloelo app, you can easily earn large amount of elo coins from viewers (Viewers gift elo coins to creators during live stream). Most of the creators on eloelo app earn 10000-100000 and above elo coins during single live stream.

Trending challenges

  • Creators can also earn elo coins by participating in weekly or monthly trending challenges such as standup comedy, Music, dance , fashion, etc.
  • eloelo app gives 500 coins for participating in challenges if your video get approved.
  • 5 winners in each challenge contest can earn from 100000 to 500000 elo coins.

Quiz and other

  • Viewers can earn elo coins by attending and participating in Quiz, tambola. vote and daily bonus.
  • For each correct answer in a Quiz , eloelo app gives users 50 elo coins. In addition to participating in Quiz live stream, users can also take part in daily quiz and earn up to 500 elo coins.
  • In tambola and musical chair live stream also, winners (i.e. viewers) get a lot of elo coins (amount depend on number of participants).
  • User can earn elo coins by giving vote for creator’s videos too , if a user is on majority side, eloelo gives user 20 elo coins for each vote, you can vote for maximum 40 new videos daily.
  • eloelo app gives additionally 200 elo coins daily to its users for watching videos for some interval of time along with daily bonus of 100-600 coins.

How to Redeem elo coins ?

You can redeem elo coins from eloelo app using Paytm payment method. Minimum withdrawal limit on eloelo app is 5000 coins and which is equivalent to INR 5.

You can check your earned elo coins by clicking on “coins” available at the top left of the eloelo app home page.

To withdraw your elo coins , click on “Redeem as Paytm”, payment page will open and add number of coins to withdraw and click on Redeem Now. Your coins will be withdrawn from your eloelo app account and money for those coins will be added to your Paytm account.

Note : Earning methods and withdraw options on eloelo coins app may change. So, please read all terms and conditions of eloelo app before using eloelo app.

Happy Earning!
Image Source – All images are taken from eloelo app.


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