Frizza app Review : Earn Money| Legit or Fake | Payment | Referral code.

Frizza is a leading free money app help users to earn money for completing small tasks. Tasks are installing apps, registering on websites, email sign up and reading articles.

Frizza app pays good amount of money to its users, you can easily earn INR 10 – 100 for working few mins or hours daily from Frizza app.

You can complete unlimited tasks daily if available. You can read articles multiple times and earn money for each read.

You can withdraw your money to Paytm account when it reaches INR 30. I achieved minimum withdrawal limit within few minutes of usage of app.

This app is good for students, freelancers who want to earn small amount money daily in their free time.

Is Frizza app safe or not?

Yes, Frizza app is a legit and safe app.

How to Create Account on Frizza ?

You can easily download Frizza application by clicking on this link. It will open Google Play store page, install the app from that page.

After installing, open the app and sign in using your account details like Phone number and Email Id.

If you use this Frizza app referral code – PCMXWOAD during sign in, you will get INR 10 as a bonus.

How to Earn Money from Frizza app?

When you open home page of Frizza app, at the top it will show you different articles to read. For each 1 min read of article, Frizza app gives you INR 0.2.

You have to read the news for the Time mentioned in the Article to get rewarded. Once you read the news till the time mentioned the reward will be credited to your wallet within 24 hours. You can earn upto Rs 3 every day!!

Articles available to read are related to business, technology, science, news, etc. You can read single article multiple times and earn money, Frizza pays you for each read.

Below article section, offer wall is available. You can take part in different offers in the offer wall and earn real cash. You can easily earn from INR 3 to INR 20 for a single offer in the offer wall.

You need to complete the offer for some interval of time. You can check your offer status in the offer status. By completing different offers from the offer wall, you can easily earn INR 100-200.

How to Redeem your Money ?

To redeem your money, click on top left button in the home page, it will show different options like dashboard, refer your friends, wallet, etc., choose “wallet” option.

In the wallet option, it will show available balance amount. If the balance amount is above INR 30, you can able to transfer your money in to Paytm account. It takes maximum 72 hours for transferring money in to Paytm account.

Concluding remarks :

Frizza app is a legit app and they have already paid millions of users.

This app is good for those who want to earn money in their free time for paying their bills.

You can easily earn Rs 100 to Rs 3000 monthly from Frizza app.

Happy Earning !
Image source – Frizza app.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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