How to Earn Money on Chingari ?

Chingari is an Indian short video app where content creators upload their own content in the form of short videos. Users can earn money by watching videos and by completing small activities like participating in trending challenges, Share, follow, comment, etc.

This app is good for them who likes to watch short videos in their free time. You will not able to earn a lot of money by watching videos on Chingari app but you can easily earn few rupees (INR) daily along with Entertainment.

Chingari pay users in the form of coins which you can convert with real money.

How to Create Account on Chingari app?

You can easily download Chingari app from Google Play store.

  • Google Play store page will open with Chingari app window.
  • Install the app from that page.
  • After installing app, open the app and sign in using your account details like Phone number / Email Id.

Once you complete sign in process, you will receive 100 Chingari coins as a bonus.

How to Earn Money from Chingari app?

When you open Chingari app, it will show you short videos on its home screen, you can watch unlimited videos on Chingari app by scrolling upwards. You can earn money on Chingari app by creating and watching videos.

For each watched video, Chingari gives you 1 coin. Also, for commenting on a video, Chingari app gives 1 coin for a comment.

When you share video with your friends, Chingari gives you 5 coins for each share.

When you follow other user on Chingari app, Chingari gives you 10 coins (Note : within 12 hours, you can follow maximum 25 users).

Chingari also gives 100 coins for uploading your original audio to the Chingari Library.

Also, you can earn up to 3000 coins by participating in trending hashtags i.e. by creating videos with trending hashtags.

If your video gets viral on Chingari and if it get more views you will be eligible for getting 10000 coins as a bonus.

How to Redeem Chingari Coins ?

Chingari app pays its users in the form coins which can be converted in to real money, 1000 coins are equivalent to INR 1. Minimum withdrawal limit is INR 10.

You can redeem your money by clicking on top left button in the Chingari home screen. First you need to convert coins to money and then you can able to withdraw your money.


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