How to Earn money on Snakes and Ladders plus ?

Snakes and Ladders plus is a mobile game app nothing but a modified version of the classic Indian Snakes and Ladders game played between two or more players on a gameboard having numbered grids with “ladders” and “snakes” connecting two specific board squares.

The objective of the game is to move one’s game token from the start to the end before the other player. Here both the players start from opposite ends and try to reach the destination first. For each move, the player gets the option to choose between three available numbers (highlighted at the bottom) or skip the move (you can skip only two times).

For joining the game, you need to participate in multiple 1vs1 contests where the entry fee will be from INR 0 to INR 5000 and the winner can earn between INR 1 to INR 9000. You can withdraw your earned money using UPI or bank transfer when it reaches INR 30.

How to Create Account on Snakes and Ladders plus ?

Snake and Ladders plus game is now not available on google play store and you need to download Zupee app to use Snakes and Ladders plus.

After installing the Zupee app, open it and sign in using your account details like Phone number / Email Id.

Once you complete sign in process, you can start playing Snakes and ladders game. Please fill your contact and payment details correctly.

How to Earn Money on Snakes and Ladders plus ?

When you open Snakes and Ladders plus game application, it will show you different 1vs1 contests. Snakes and Ladders plus gives users some time to join the contest.

Once you join the contest, game will start after some time, it will show gameboard with two tokens (i.e two players) at opposite ends on the screen. Here, a player has to reach opposite end as early as possible for winning a game.

In between game, a player can cut another player’s tokens if they arrive on the same numbered square as the other player and other player will move back to starting position.

Also if both the players fails to reach final destination, player who has maximum score at the end of the game will be declared as winner. In case of tie, both the players will get half of the winning amount.

How to Redeem your Money ?

You can easily redeem your money by using UPI and bank transfer options.

To redeem your money, click on top left money button, it will open “My Balances” account.

In ” My Balances “, click on withdraw button, it will request you your UPI Id or Bank account details, please add your details correctly.

Once you add UPI Id or bank account and click next, your money will be redeemed and added to your Bank account.

Happy Earning!

Image Source – Snakes and Ladders plus application


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