PaidforArticles Review : Real or Fake | Earn Money | Payment.

PaidforArticles is one of the Indian platforms for writers to earn money online. You can post any of your articles on PaidforArticles and earn money.

Any relevant experience or qualification is not required for writing an article on PaidforArticles. You will be paid for your article per 1000 views between USD 3 to USD 6 based on country of your residence.

You can withdraw your money using PayPal, Paytm, Skrill, Phonepe and Payeer.

It is good website for freelancers, part time workers, students, housewives and working from home individuals to earn some money in their free time.

Is website legit or fake ?

When we checked Paidforarticles website, we found that the terms and conditions of the website are available, but owner information and support/help is not available. So website may be real but chances of getting payment from them are very low or payment will be less. So we don’t suggest experienced writers to use these websites for making money.

But if you still want to create account and earn money from paidforarticles website, you can read further post.

How to create an account on PaidforArticles ?

PaidforArticles home page
  • Click on paidforarticles, PaidforArticles home page will open.
  • Click on “Register” button at the top for creating account.
  • Sign up using your Name, username, Email ID and password or you can register with your google credentials.
  • Once you click on register, your account will register on PaidforArticles website and you can start writing articles.
PaidforArticles registration page

To check more details about your account, click on “Member dashboard” button at the top, it will show articles, referrals and settings details.

How to add an article on PaidforArticles ?

  1. For adding an article, click on “Member dashboard” button at the top after signing on PaidforArticles website.
  2. In member dashboard, click on “Add article” button to add a new article, “Add Article” webpage will open.
  3. When you are adding a new article, first you need to decide title for your article, please add any unique, catchy and different title for your article.
  4. Once you add title for your article, you need to select correct category for your article (article must be related to that category only), you can choose among different available categories (e.g. Science, tech, business, health, Sports, Lifestyle, News, etc.) by clicking on right down arrow.
Add Article page
  1. After adding a category, you need to add summery of your article, summery should describe your article in short and it should not be more than 4 -5 sentences or it should be only in one paragraph.
  2. Once you add summery of your article, you can add your entire article in the content section. Content should be between 500 words to 2000 words. It should be unique and grammatically free.
  3. Once you complete your article, you can post your article on PaidforArticles, PaidforArticles team will review your article, in case of small corrections, it will ask you to correct your article and in case of large corrections, they will directly reject your article. After correction, if it looks okay for them to publish then PaidforArticles team will publish your article on their website. You can see your posted articles in “My articles” section.

How to redeem your money from PaidforArticles ?

Whenever anyone views your article, you will be paid, the payment will depend on number of views, you will be paid per 1000 view per article. For 1000 views, PaidforArticles pays you in between USD 3 to USD 6 depends on your country of residence. You can withdraw your money using PayPal, Paytm, Skrill, Phonepe and Payeer. PhoePe has maximum withdrawal limit and it is USD 5.

Image Source – PaidforArticles website

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Happy Earning !


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