How to Earn Money by Writing on ? is a blog that helps new coaches to acquire clients and earn some money along with enhancing their coaching skills.

It is a great platform for creative and passionate coaches (bloggers, youtubers, freelancers, etc.) to post their content in the form of articles, videos and infographics in exchange for some money, links back to their website and promotions on network.

No experience and qualification is required for writing articles on All you need to do is send an article directly to the editor of and if your article is good, will approve your article and will compensate with you or will make a deal with you.

They also pay their coaches to make videos on their YouTube channel.

Which articles are required by from writers / coaches ? requires articles/ videos in specific categories only and they are –

  1. Career Coaching
  2. The Life Coaching Business
  3. Coaching Tips, Techniques, & Methods
  4. Life Coaching and how to Become a Life Coach ?
  5. Business Coaching
  6. Leadership & Executive Coaching
  7. Coach Training & Certification
  8. Online Coaching
  9. Health & Fitness Coaching
  10. Relationship Coaching
  11. Psychology Coaching
  12. Money & Success Coaching

If you are expert in above categories, you can easily earn good amount of money using this platform.

How to write and send an article / video to ? does not require any specific experience qualification for writing an article but your article should fulfill following guidelines –

  • Your Article should be at least 1600 words in length.
  • Your Article must be your original work and Unique.
  • Your Article cannot contain any self-promotion.
  • Contributor must agree with content contribution policy of
  • Your Article must have final approval from editor.

If you fulfill all above guidelines, you can email your article, video, or infographic directly to and if your article, infographic, or video is approved, will make you an offer to grant them exclusive use in exchange for specific compensation.

What you will get for your article/ video ?

If your article is approved, will compensate with you with following benefits –

  • You will get direct cash money for your article.
  • You will get a high quality link back to your website/ blog which will help you in improving your search engine rankings.
  • Your Promotion on networks
  • You will get rights as a contributor / writer for website.

Reference – website

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