How to Earn Money on CitizenMe ?

CitizenMe is a rewarding mobile app pay its users in the form of PayPal cash for answering surveys. You can easily earn money on CitizenMe app by answering surveys.

I personally use this app daily for 10 min only (or when survey is available) and earn good amount of money. For each survey, it gives 0.1 USD to its users. Probability of getting disqualified in the survey is also very low (so far, I am not disqualified for any survey in CitizenMe application).

There is no any minimum redemption amount required for withdrawing your money on CitizenMe. When you successfully complete any survey, it will directly pay you survey amount in to your PayPal account.

How to Open Account on CitizenMe?

  1. You can easily download CitizenMe app from Google play store, search “CitizenMe” in the Google Play store search bar, it will show some search results. Click on first result (app) and install the app.
  2. After installing CitizenMe app, open the app, it will ask you to sign up, you can sign in using your Email ID details.
  3. Once Sign up process is completed, you can start working on your tasks. First you need to answer “Your CitizenMe App“ fun survey for getting paid surveys. It will ask you general profile questions.
  4. Once you complete “Your CitizenMe App” survey, you will start getting paid surveys, first paid survey is to confirm your PayPal account. Verify your PayPal account details (i.e. PayPal Email Id) correctly so that you will not get any issue during payment.

Important Note: To receive payment, the email ID used when signing on CitizenMe app must be the same as the PayPal email ID

How to Earn Money on CitizenMe app?

  • When you open the CitizenMe app, you will see the available surveys on the home page itself. There are different survey categories such as Insight, Donate, Earn and Fun are available.
  • Insight and Fun surveys will not give you any money but it will show you some results which will help knowing your community.
  • You can donate your money by choosing and completing donate surveys.
  • You can only earn real money by answering Earn surveys.
  • You can filter surveys using filter button available at left top of the home page.
  • When Earn survey will be available, CitizenMe application will give you a notification then you can log in to application and answer survey, you do not require to wait in the application for getting a survey.

How to withdraw your money?

CitizenMe app does not have any redeem/ withdraw button to withdraw your money. When you successfully complete any survey on citizenMe app, app will directly transfer your money in to your PayPal account.To check your earned money, click on the settings button at the right bottom side of the home page, your profile will open, it will show your earned money in the earn option.

Note : During sign in on CitizenMe app, you can set your PayPal account details i.e. PayPal Email Id).


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