How to Earn Money from BharatEarn website?

BharatEarn is an Indian social commerce platform where you can make your second source of income. It helps you to convert your uncashed network and skills into your earnings and much more. You can work for reputed brands from anywhere and anytime on BharatEarn without any limits.

All you need to do is create a reselling account and share a tracking link generated for a customer by BharatEarn in your network.

BharatEarn users also get 7 days free reseller training from BharatEarn. Students can also complete 6 months paid internship on BharatEarn. Their stipend will totally depend on their dedication towards the internship. There is no minimum and maximum amount they can earn. If they do internship diligently, they can easily earn around Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per month.

You can withdraw your earned money using Bank transfer.

For whom BharatEarn suitable to earn money online ?

BharatEarn is a good platform for students, part time workers, housewives, freelancers and those looking for a second source of income.

How to Create Account on BharatEarn website ?

You can easily create an reselling account on BharatEarn website by clicking on this link.

  • If you click on the mentioned link, BharatEarn website sign up page will open.
  • You can sign in using your email id and mobile number. Once you have filled all the details (Username, Password, Email id and Mobile number) correctly, click on the register button.
    • It will ask you to verify your Email Id and Mobile no.
    • Once you have successfully verified your email id and mobile number, your account on Bharat Earn will be created and you can start working on the tasks. You will also get INR 100 as Sign Up Bonus with BE Money.
  • Also, correctly add your payment method details (i.e. bank account information) and ID proof in the profile section so that you do not face any problem during the payment. We will discuss about this in detail in the “How to withdraw your money ?” section.

You can also join the BharatEarn website as a customer and get benefits of the offers and cashbacks using this link.

How to Earn money on BharatEarn website?

  1. When you successfully complete the registration process, BharatEarn home page will open. Scroll down until you find the Programs section.
  1. Click on the “All Programs” section, All Programs dashboard will open with various programs to complete. You can choose any interesting program. You can view the program details by clicking on the details button given in each program. Please check approval rate, approval hold time and approval payment time in the details section.
  2. In the about page, it will display information about the program which includes description of the program, guidelines and tips for the program. Check all this information correctly.
  1. Once you have confirmed the details of any program you wish to select, click the “Join Now” button. For example here, I have chosen the skill share program. It will generate a link. With this link, you can complete the offer and earn money .

Note : Follow step 4 for all programs to make money from your customers with/ without your knowledge.

  1. Now you need to generate a customer link to earn money from customers..
  2. for creating customer link, move the mouse cursor over the left top “BharatEarn” button, it will show some options, select “My Customer“. “My customer registration link” page will open. Copy that link and share it with your friends or family members. i.e. your customers.
  1. Now ask Customer to login into “BharatEarn” application with that link and read the offer details.
  2. Mention him/her/it to click on “Generate Link” in the program. Once link is generated, ask him/her/it to click on “Shop Now” button and complete the offer/task.
  3. Once Customer completes the offer and you will earn.
  4. You do not need to add the conversion/ lead (i.e. proof of completed task) details to the BharatEarn website. BharatEarn tracks the conversion automatically and updates you the status within 2 days. But if it fails to track the conversion, you can add it manually using “Add Lost order” option.
  5. In all programs page, click “Add lost Orders” in the program details of the particular program. It will open lost orders page. In that page, fill all details correctly.
  6. Once you have successfully submitted the lost order details, the BharatEarn team will review it, if it is approved, you can view your earned money in the “My Earnings” section.

Note : To approve the completed offer ( or conversion), BharatEarn takes a long time, sometimes more than 2-3 months also. But it approves without any errors. So wait a while to see your approved conversions.

How to withdraw your money from BharatEarn website?

  • To withdraw your money, you have to first set the bank account details in your profile, click on the right top profile (your name) button, your profile will open, now click on “My Bank Account”. Bank account and ID proof page will open, fill the bank details and ID proof details correctly.
  • For withdrawing your money, in the profile page click on “My Payments” section. My payments section will open. In “My Payments” section , enter amount to withdraw and click on submit request button. Your payment will be processed, you will get it in your Bank account directly.

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Happy Earning!

Image Source – All the images are taken from BharatEarn website.


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