YourQuote app Review – Earn Money by writing Quotes.

YourQuote is another Indian self-publishing digital platform available for its users to broadcast their poems, stories and quotes in 12 languages (mostly Indian) as a mobile app. Along with this, you can also publish your own books of poems, quotes and stories on the YourQuote app and earn real time royalties on them. On YourQuote, you can post paid stories and publish books.

This is good app for new writers/freelancers, as they help you as a friend to start your writing career. You can easily earn some passive income by posting quotes (or paid stories) on YourQuote app.

If you want to earn money by writing quotes or by uploading quotes on google then YourQuote is the best app for you.

YourQuote app home page

Is YourQuote app legit and safe ?

Yes, YourQuote app is a legit and safe app. According to the YourQuote app, YourQuote is currently used by over 5 million authors worldwide in 12+ languages and hosts over 100 million original posts on the platform. It is also India’s most active community of creators, artists, writers and artists in geographies and languages.

How to create account on YourQuote app ?

  • You can easily download YourQuote app from Google Play or iOS store.
    • Click on YourQuote app download, the Google Play/iOS Store page will open with the YourQuote app window and install the app from that page.
    • Open it after installing the app. It will request you to sign up, you can log in using your Facebook/Google Email ID credentials or mobile number. During log in process, if asked about YourQuote app referral code, use this YourQuote app referral code – c3vo9.
  • Once the log in process is complete, it will ask you to choose the languages in which you want to see other quotes or paid stories.
  • Once you have chosen languages, you can start reading quotes, poems, paid stories on YourQuote app or you can write your own content and publish it on YourQuote app.

Steps for writing and uploading Quote/ story/ Shayari on YourQuote app.

  1. To start writing quotes/quotes on the YourQuote app, click on the middle plus button available at the bottom of the YourQuote app home page, the Compose page will open.
  2. In the compose page, you can draft your quotes, poems and stories.
  3. Once you complete your draft of your quotes/ stories, click on the next “➡️” button available on the top right corner of the compose page.
  4. The design page will open. In this page you can be able to
    • Choose different wallpapers for your quotes/ stories using the “Wallpapers” section.
    • Edit your quote/story text description such as font, font color, size and copyright information using the “Text” section
  5. Once you edit and design your quotes/ stories, click on the next “➡️” button available at the top right corner of the design page.
YourQuote Publish Page
  1. Publish page will open, in this page you can publish your quotes/stories to YourQuote app.
    • Some options you need to choose before publishing your quotes/ stories like
      • Choose the category for your quotes/story i.e. nothing but only hashtags. You can choose a maximum of two categories from the available categories for your quote/story.
      • Allow Collab – i.e. allow other users to Collab with your quotes.
      • Create a paid story. Paid story will be read only by subscribers and buyers. We will discuss in detail about the paid story in “how to earn money on YourQuote app ?” section.
      • Make Private, i.e. Make your quote private, quote will not be visible to others
    • Once you have selected all of the above options, please check the preview of your quotes/story using the “See Preview” button.
    • Once you see a preview of your quote/story, you can publish it using the “✅” button available on the top right corner of the published page.
  2. Now, your Quote / story will be published successfully on YourQuote app.

How to Earn Money from YourQuote app ?

Details page of YourQuote app

You can earn money by uploading quotes on the YourQuote app using the following methods –

Paid Subscriptions — Your readers can subscribe to you for a monthly fee or purchase a individual paid story.

  • As you post more quality and interesting quotes on YourQuote app, your readers and followers will grow and if they like your quotes, they can subscribe to you.
  • The YourQuote app gives writers some royalty. If you are a premium member, you will get 80% royalty on each transaction and in case of a non premium member, you will get 30% royalties on each transaction.
  • For setting a subscription fee, do the following –
    • Click on the filter available at the the right top corner of the YourQuote app home page.
    • It will show various options, click on “Paid Subscription”.
    • The paid subscription page will open, in this page you will have two options to choose from i.e. go with premium and go without premium. I would suggest at the beginning, only use Go without premium.
    • The “Add Details” page will open. In this page, you need to introduce you about your subscription, you need to provide information about the benefits offered to your customers and you need to set the subscription price between 20 INR to 100 INR.

Paid Story – When you are publishing your writing, you can publish it as a paid story on the YourQuote app.

  • In the publish page, you need to click on the option “create paid story ”
  • Now at the right top corner, the Set Price button will appear, click on it.
  • You can set the price for your story between 1 INR to 20 INR.
  • Once someone reads/ buys your paid story, you will get royalty from the YourQuote app.

Self publish your quotes booklet

  • once you reach 48 posts, you can crate the booklet from your quotes and publish it on YQ book store.
  • You will also receive your book at your doorstep and you can also earn 10% royalty from its sale.
  • You will also be notified whenever someone buys your books

Points to keep in mind before you start working on the YourQuote app.

  • Write quality and interesting quotes on YourQuote app, as your followers and subscribers will depend on the quality of your Quotes.
  • Be original and write only original posts, if there is any plagiarism in quotes/stories, you cannot earn good sums from YourQuote app and your account will be permanently disabled by YourQuote app
  • Write daily, as you write more, will increase your writing skills.
  • In the beginning, focus on your mother tongue, you may be able to express more in your mother tongue.
  • Last but not least, you can subscribe to a premium membership on the YourQuote app. With a premium membership, you will get multiple benefits such as 80% royalty, premium wallpapers, access to quotes booklets, premium badge and more. Once you become more expert on YourQuote, I would suggest you take a premium subscription. You can also get a 3 day premium membership if you use this referral code – c3vo9 during sign in on YourQuote app .

How to withdraw / transfer your money ?

You can withdraw your money when your royalty reach 1000 rupees in your bank account. Click on the filter available at the the right top corner of the YourQuote app home page. It will show various options, click on “Royalty” option. This will show your royalty earned from multiple sources. Using the “Withdrawal” button available at the bottom of the page, you can withdraw your money to your bank account.

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Happy Earning!

Source – YourQuote website and mobile app.


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