Nojoto App Review: Earn money | Nojoto Partner Program | Referral code| Stories, Poems and Shayary.

What is Nojoto ?

Nojoto is another Indian self-publishing digital platform available as a mobile app for users to express their feelings in their own language (mostly Indian) in the form of stories, poems, Shayari, etc. It is also known as Story Telling & Poetry App. You can record or write your stories/poems, quotes, shayari using the tools designed to make your posts look great in Nojoto app.

Nojoto app is a great poem writing and a great story video maker app. In this app you can not only write poems on photos but also record videos with background music.

You can also earn money for your stories/poems by joining Nojoto partner program. In addition, you can create live events and shows online on the Nojoto app and earn money directly from the audience.

You can share your opinion and experience about your life, society, culture and world with other Nojoto app users. Users can also avail the benefits of hobbyists and experts with knowledge of food, health, religion, spirituality and business available on the Nojoto app.

It’s a good app for storytellers, housewives, teachers, trainers, writers, influential artists, poets, motivational speakers, comedians, musicians and many more.

How to create account on Nojoto app ?

  • You can easily download Nojoto mobile app from Google Play or iOS store. If you use Nojoto app referral referral code – pritamshinde1518, you will get a cash directly in to your bank account.
    • Click on Nojoto app download, the Google Play/iOS Store page will open with the Nojoto app window and install the app from that page.
    • Open it after installing the app. It will request you to sign up, you can sign in using your Google Email ID credentials. During Sign in process, use this Nojoto app referral code – pritamshinde1518
  • Once the sign up process is complete, it will ask you to choose the languages in which you want to see other’s stories
  • Once you have chosen languages, you can view stories, poems, shayari on the Nojoto app or you can record/write your own content and publish it on the Nojoto app.

How to Write/ Record a story/ shayari on Nojoto app ?

  1. After completing the sign up process and updating the profile details, click the Middle Plus button available at the bottom of the Nojoto home page to start recording your first story.
  1. The “Click to record” page will open. In this page
    • You can write/record stories by clicking on the “Write” and “Record” buttons available at the bottom of the page.
    • You can also upload videos from your mobile galley.
    • You also have options to use your music and choose a background cover with audio only option.
  1. Now click on the “Record” button available at the bottom of the page, the recording will begin. Even during recording, you may be able to upload videos from your mobile gallery.
  2. Once you complete the recording/writing of your story/poem, click the “✅” button available at the bottom to the right of the record page.
    • The edit page will open. In this page, you can add music, text and stickers to your videos.
  3. Once you have completed editing your video, click the “✅” button available at the bottom on the left side of the record page.
  1. Publish page will open, In the publish page,
    • You can add a “title” to your recorded story. Please give the title correctly and only related to the story.
    • You can also add hashtags to the title
    • You can also tag your friends/followers
  2. Now click on the “Publish” button available at the top of the publish page.
  1. Your recorded story will now be published on the Nojoto app and you can view it in your profile section.

How to earn money on Nojoto app ?

When you become popular on the Nojoto app with your quality and interesting content. So your followers will grow on the Nojoto app as well and you can start making money on Nojoto app using the following methods-

  • Joining Nojoto app Partner program
  • Inviting your friends to Nojoto app

What is Nojoto partner program ?

The Nojoto Partner Program is a program similar to the YouTube partner program created by Nojoto for millions of storytellers to earn them monthly income.

What is the eligibility criteria for joining the Nojoto Partner Program?

To partner with the Nojoto Partner Program, you must have

  • Minimum 1000+ Followers on Your Nojoto profile
  • High quality original and interesting content on your Nojoto profile

What will the Nojoto team review?

Nojoto team will review

  • Your Overall Nojoto Profile
  • Your popular & latest Content on Nojoto app
  • Engagement of your followers on your content (love, comment, share, repost, etc)
  • Average Watch Time on your Content on Nojoto app

How to apply or contact to become a partner with the Nojoto Partner Program?

  • You don’t need to apply for Nojoto Partner Program,
  • Once you are eligible as per the eligibility criteria, Nojoto’s Creators team will review your profile and automatically invite you to Nojoto’s partner program.
  • In addition, if you are an influencer who has recently joined Nojoto and want to connect with the Nojoto Partner Program, you can directly email the Nojoto manufacturer’s team at and if they prefer, they will approve you for a partner program.

Once you successfully join the Nojoto Partner Program, you will start receiving payments to your Nojoto account from the Nojoto app for your content.

Earn money by Inviting friends to Nojoto app.

Invite your friends to the Nojoto app and when he/ she signs up to the Nojoto app with your referral code, you both will receive money or cash in your bank account.

How to withdraw your payment on Nojoto app ?

Your Payment will be credited in your Earnings on Nojoto App, which you can withdraw to the bank account..

HappY EarninG !

If you still have any doubts about the Nojoto app. Please tell me in the comments, will try to answer you as soon as possible.



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