Quora Review: Earn Money | Quora Space| Quora Partner Program

Quora is an open platform where questions are asked and answered by Internet users. Quora’s mission is to share and enhance the knowledge of the world. They want to connect those who know with those who need it. Quora is a place where you can ask questions you care about and get amazing answers. Users can give opinions about any topic on the Quora platform. You will find all kinds of questions and answers to them on the Quora platform. Along with this, users can also earn for their questions and answers by joining the Quora partner program and or by creating their own space in Quora. If you like to write, or if you are a good meme creator, or if you have a deep knowledge of any subject then the Quora platform is for you. You can also promote your business using your marketing skills on the Quora platform. Quora is a good platform for teachers, part-time workers, students, freelancers, and housewives to earn some passive income.

How to Create an Account on Quora ?

Quora platform is available in both website and mobile app form. You can create an account on Quora using following steps :

  • To create Quora account using web browser on mobile or laptop.
    • Search “Quora” in the search engine (such as Google).
    • It will show you some results, click on the first result.
    • Quora Sign up page will open. Sign in using your google or Facebook credentials
  • Or you can also download the Quora mobile app from Google Play or iOS store and sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials.
  • Once you complete the sign in process, you will see various questions with answers in the Quora home page .
  • Now, you can ask any question on the Quora platform or answer any question available on the Quora platform

How to Earn Money on Quora?

Earn money on Quora is not an easy task, but if you are consistent in your work and hardworking, you can earn good amount of money on Quora. You can earn money on Quora using following two methods:

  • Quora Partner Program :
  • Quora Space :

What is Quora partner Program ?

The Quora partner program has been established for the benefit of the Quora community. This is a partner program where if you become a partner with Quora you can make money by asking questions that many people want answers to and by requesting answers to questions from qualified authors. The more high-quality answers are written on Quora when you ask more useful questions on Quora, the more useful Quora becomes for people. With the Partner Program, Quora compensate users who make Quora better. You get paid because your questions and requests produce useful answers that are searched by Internet users in Quora or elsewhere on the web. You earn money from advertising revenue earned from answers. Because good, helpful answers that can help others depend on good, well-considered questions and requests, Partners help all Quora users—and many millions of others—find the information and knowledge they want.

How to Join Quora Partner Program?

Quora Partner Program is invite-only at this time, but Quora intend to open it up to more people as time goes on. If your questions start generating revenue in Quora then Quora will review your profile and send you an invitation to join the Quora Partner Program.

How and when will you be paid on Quora Partner program?

First, you need to connect a Stripe or PayPal account. If you are from the US, you should use the Stripe account. If you are non-US, you will need to use a PayPal account. After you do this, every month Quora team will total the money you earn and send you on the first Monday of the month. Note that you will have to make at least $10.00 to get paid.

Important tip – You will not get any payment for Anonymous questions, Template questions, Quora related questions, Duplicate questions, etc.

What is Quora Space ?

Quora Space allows people to create original content individually or as a group of contributors according to their interests on Quora platform.

How to Create a Quora Space ?

To create a Quora Space, log into your Quora profile or create a profile. You can click “+Create Space” on the left-hand side, below the “Quora” header. You can also create a Space from the Spaces tab by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to quora.com/spaces, or click “See all Spaces” on the Spaces icon.
  2. Under “Your Spaces”, click on “Create a Space.”
  1. In Create a space, add a name and brief description for your Space.
  1. Now your Quora Space is created and you can start posting your content in that space.

How to Earn Money from Quora Space ?

When you start posting your content on your Quora Space, your readers will increase and as your readers start increase. you will start getting payment from Quora app. Earnings from the Quora Space depends on multiple factors such as consistent views on your posts, upvotes, frequency of posts, viewers engagement on posts, etc.

To participate in the Quora Space Earnings Program, the Space owner needs to verify residence in an eligible country. Then, your “Quora Space” is required to earn at least USD 10 before requesting an owner eligibility review. After approval, the owner needs to accept the terms and conditions of the Quora and add the bank account via Stripe. Your Quora Space is now ready for payments.

If you still have any doubts about Quora partner program and Quora Space, please ask in comments. If you like this article, click on like button.

Happy Earning

Source – https://www.quora.com/



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