Lionbridge – a Best Remote Online Job

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. is an American company that offers translation and localization solutions. For a global audience, Lionbridge creates content such as technical manuals, regulatory filings, or marketing creatives. Along with this, they also test content, services, consoles, devices, apps, products in every language, and modules, etc.

They help companies ensure that the customer experience is perfect with good content, greater speed, and increased cost-effectiveness. Lionbridge are fluent in 350+ languages, and they work from over 5,000 cities as they combine human empathy and machine intelligence (i.e. Lionbridge AI).

Therefore, they are always looking for the best people to work with them for the role of corporate associates, raters, interpreters, testers, translators and agencies, etc. Lionbridge offer both full-time jobs and part-time jobs with flexibility. You can work in their 47 offices or from your home.

For whom Lionbridge is suitable ?

Lion Bridge is suitable for freelancers, working from home individuals, part-time workers, full-time workers (working from home/office), housewives, language specialists, freshers, college students, housewives, etc.

How to apply for a remote job in Lionbridge team ?

  • Go to the Lionbridge website, click on “JOIN OUR TEAM” available at the top of the page.
  • Lionbridge careers page will open, scroll down until you find the “Current Job Opening” information. It will show fives types of jobs –
    • Corporate Associates- People who are excellent at technology, finance, marketing and sales can choose corporate associate jobs.
    • Raters, Annotators and Testers – People who want home based and flexible jobs can choose Raters. and Testers.
    • Translators and Agencies – People who are excellent in any language (mostly Japanese, French, Chinese, Indian regional, etc.) can choose translator jobs.
    • Interpreters – Those who have experience of interpreting can choose the job of interpreters
    • Gaming – Those who interested in developing and or testing game software’s can chose Gaming jobs.
  • You can select any type of jobs mentioned above, I suggest initially select home based flexible jobs where fewer skills are required than other jobs.
  • To apply for a job, click on “LEARN MORE” for any specific category that you select and select “VIEW ALL OPPORTUNIES”
  • It will show different available jobs with location, department and language details for the selected category, you can filter by using the country and language option. For example if you choose India as country option it will show available jobs in India
  • For more information about the job, click on the job title in red. For example, here I selected “Personal Internet Ad Assessor (Hindi Language)”
  • It will show in detail information about the particular job you have chosen, it will show information about the project, compensation details, necessary qualifications, skills, experience and other details. Read all the details before applying for a job. Once you have read all the details, click on the “APPLY NOW” available at the bottom of the page.
  • The recruitment form depends on a particular job. It may not be the same for all jobs. Fill in all the details correctly in the recruitment form.
  • In the recruitment form, the questions asked will only relate to that job. Some times it will ask you to fill in all the details about your education, personal details, certificates, skills, etc. Or sometimes it will only ask you to attach your CV/ Resume .
  • Please answer all the questions carefully. Once you have submitted the recruitment form, they will verify your profile. If your profile looks fine to them, they will interview you for that job. If you are selected in an interview, they will provide you with a joining letter.

Can we work full time at Lionbridge in India ?

Yes, we can work full time at Lionbridge at Mumbai and Bangalore office.

Reference – Lionbridge website


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