Dailyhunt app Detailed Review : Earn Money By Writing Articles | DH creator | Payment.

Dailyhunt (formerly Newshunt) is an Indian News, photos and videos platform available in  14 Indian languages .i.e in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Odia, Punjabi, Urdu & Bhojpuri. It provides Indian national and international news including Indian States / National Politics, Local, Cricket, Entertainment and Lifestyle News from 2600 media partners.

Individuals can also create interesting posts and share their thoughts on the DailyHunt app/ website. You can also share your photos, memes, news articles, videos & links on this platform. You can earn money for your interesting posts shared on Dailyhunt app/ website.

You can also follow your favorite newspapers, news channels & individuals on Dailyhunt app & also get the latest updates, articles & videos posted by them.

For Whom Dailyhunt is suitable for making money by creating posts?

Influencers, Content creators, Experts in any field, Teachers, Coaches , Motivational speakers, Media persons, Social media managers, etc.

How to create account on Dailyhunt ?

  • You can easily download Dailyhunt app from Google play store.
    • Search “Dailyhunt” in the Google Play store search bar,
    • Google play store page will open with Dailyhunt app window, now download and install the app.
    • After installing app, open the app, it will ask you to sign up, you can sign in using your Email ID details/ facebook credentials.
  • Once the sign up process is complete, you will see different news articles / posts/ videos in the Dailyhunt app home page.

How to earn money on Dailyhunt ?

You can earn money on Dailyhunt app/ website by becoming DH creator/ social media influencer on Dailyhunt. DailyHunt pay users as token of appreciation for content of the users. Amount of money earned as token of appreciation from Dailyhunt platform depends on multiple social media factors (i.e – Likes, Shares, engaged views, Dislikes, user reporting, etc.)

How to join DH Creator?

  • To join DH Creator, you will required to register on DailyHunt as a DH creator.
    • Click on DH creator, DH creator registration form will open.
    • It will request you sign up, sign in using using your phone no and email id details.
    • After sign in process, create a profile and fill all details correctly.
    • The DailyHunt team will review your application and approve it if they think it’s okay.
  • You can also register as a DH Creator by sending Dailyhunt a mail mentioning your social media profile links and sample work to creators@dailyhunt.in

How to create a post?

You can create a post on Dailyhunt platform using below steps.

  • Login to DH Creator dashboard  
  • In the dashboard, click on “ CREATE POST”.
  • Chose a format for your post (e.g. Article, Video, Image, Gif ,etc. )
  • Add proper “Title” to your post.
  • Write your entire article in the “Content” section.
  • Use the various options available at the bottom of the post page such as Undo, Redo, Underline, Italic, Move to Center ,etc.
  • Click on “Next ” , in next page add thumbnails and other required fields.
  • Publish your draft by clicking “Publish” button, please verify your draft correctly before publishing.

How will I get earnings from Dailyhunt app ?

DH Creator platform is not an online money earning platform/ Online Work from platform/ Paid Freelancing platform. So, you won’t be able to see your earnings in Dailyhunt app/ website. Once you eligible for any kind of Token of appreciation, you will get email from Dailyhunt team about your token of appreciation . 

Happy EarninG

Image Source – All the images are taken from DH creator website.


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