How To Become “I have Space” Partner With ?

What is Amazon’s “I have Space” program ?

Amazon ” I have Space ” program is a partner program in which Amazon gives opportunity to local store owners to partner with Amazon for delivery and pickup services in their local neighborhood areas and earn additional part time income with zero investment. As per, “IHS program was lunched in Aug 2014 and in 2021 the program scaled up closed to 28000 + stores”.

For whom Amazon IHS is a good source of part time income ?

Local neighborhood stores such as grocers, general stores, chemists, fast food, telecom outlets. Those stores who have a strong local knowledge in terms of addresses and ability to service on foot / cycle a radius of 2 – 4 kms. Those stores who have existing spare manpower that can be utilized to make deliveries locally during their off peak and earn additional part time income.

What documents are required to apply for the Amazon IHS program ?

  • Personal identification Any one of Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport.
  • Financial Proof – Pan card.
  • Owned premise : Any one store document in the name of the IHS Store Owner (Refer List of documents below) and either one of Electricity bill / Gas Connection bill / Landline Phone bill.
  • Rented premise : Documents as above and rental agreement. (Notarized / e-stamped / registered, either of these types of agreements will be considered valid).For owned premise, if a relative applies as Store owner, then the following are needed:
    1. Govt. authorized document proving relation  
    2. An authorization letter from the primary owner stating that the primary owner has no objection in letting the relation registering to use the premises for the purpose of delivering with Amazon / IHS.
  • List of store documents (One of the below needs to be uploaded)
    • S&E Certificate (Shops & Establishment Certificate).
    • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license.
    • Drug license.
    • Local Municipality license.
    • No objection certificate from the Gram panchayat (local self-governance setup under the state governments) or village administration and
    • Factories / industrial establishment certificate.
    • Udyog Aadhaar Certificate / Udyam Registration.
    • Trade license.

How to register for Amazon IHS program ?

Step 1 : If you have all the documents required to apply for IHS program,

  • Click on “Register Now” at the right upper corner of the page. “I have Space interest” form will open.
  • Add personal and store information in the Space interest form
  • Add identification details about you and or your store in the Space interest form.
  • Finally submit the application after checking declaration and accepting the terms and conditions.

Step 2 : Once you submit the application, Amazon will review your application and if approved , it will collect documents from your door step.

Step 3 : Amazon team will verify all the details and if background check completed successfully. You will get a simple training for IHS program.

Step 4 : Once you complete simple training successfully , you will become an I Have Space’ Partner.

How Amazon IHS program works ?

  • Based on Store location, Amazon IHS partner will receive packages from Amazon.
  • Amazon IHS partner will deliver packages to the customer.
  • Payments for the packages delivered will be directly credited to IHS partner’s bank account by 1st week of every month. (Please check all the conditions about payment at

Note : Earnings for the IHS partner depends on the number of packages delivered by IHS partner.


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Happy Earning !

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  1. Praveen Singh says:

    I have 600 sqft empty area in my house on ground floor and two side open. Can I start IHS business with Amazon. Please guide me if any possible to apply


  2. Manoj Gupta says:

    I am a small Shopkeeper ! I don’t have any licence realated to my shop .
    Can I become the IHS partner??


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