Vocal Media Review : Earn money by writing stories.

What is Vocal Media ?

Vocal Media is an self publishing storytelling platform which allows users to publish their stories on their community. Users can create and submit stories with photos, videos and audios on Vocal Media platform. Vocal creator owns the copyright of the stories published on Vocal media platform.

Vocal media rewards creators for their work based on the amount of reads on their stories.

For whom Vocal media is best platform to earn money ?

Vocal Media is a good platform to earn extra income for bloggers, writers, content creators, freelancers, trainers, coaches, teachers, scientists, doctors, engineering experts and creative persons.

Does we required to pay for writing on Vocal Media ?

There are two account options available for vocal creators to post their stories .

A free option also known as “Vocal” allows creators to publish their stories on Vocal Media which you can monetize with less benefits.

Second option is “Vocal+ ” which is an optional paid subscription option that gives vocal creators additional benefits. monthly membership fee of “Vocal +” is 9. 99 USD.

How to create an account on Vocal Media ?

Follow below steps to create Vocal Media account.

  • Go to Vocal Media or search Vocal media in search engine and click on first result.
  • Click on “Join” available at the right top of Vocal Media home page.
  • Sign up with your name, email Id and password or you can also sign up using Google, Twitter, Facebook and apple credentials. Don’t forget to verify your email Id after sign up on Vocal Media

Now you have successfully created account on Vocal Media and you can start creating stories on this platform.

How to create a post/ story on Vocal Media ?

  • Click on “Create Story” at the top right of the home page.
  • Add a title , subtitle and feature image for your post . You can upload image from your Laptop/ mobile or you can upload unsplash image.
  • Now add your content/ story in the draft page . You can use the various options available after selecting your content such as Bold, Strikethrough, Underline, Italic, Heading, link and more .
  • Save your content using “Save changes” available at the right top of the top page.
  • Once you have arranged and verified your draft correctly, click on “Submit for Review ” available at the right top of the draft page to submit your story. Note – “Submit for Review” will be available when you click on “Save Changes”.
  • Once you submit your story, Vocal Media moderators will review your story. They will first check that your story meets all of Vocal Media’s Community Guidelines, and if it fails to meet, they’ll send it back to you letting you know exactly what needs to be edited in order for your story to be published on Vocal media. If it does meet all of Vocal Media’s Community guidelines, they’ll copy edit your story, checking for things like punctuation, grammar, and typos. Then, they’ll publish your story on their community.

How to earn money from Vocal Media ?

You can earn money on Vocal Media using different two methods.

  • Based on the reads for your stories receive.
  • Getting tips from your readers

Vocal media pays users based on reads of your stories.

  • For Vocal creators, Vocal media pay $3.80 / 1000 reads.
  • For Vocal+ creators, Vocal media pay $6.00 / 1000 reads.

Vocal media also allows readers to support vocal creators with the tips. Amount earned from tips directly to your Stripe account.

How to receive payment from Vocal Media?

To receive your payment from Vocal media. you need to connect your stripe account to vocal media.

  • Go to wallet section.
  • Click on connect to stripe
  • Add / verify all details correctly and connect to your stripe account.

Once you connect stripe account, you can withdraw your earnings anytime and your balance will be transferred to your Stripe account.

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Happy Earning !

If you have any questions related to Vocal Media, please ask in the comments. Will reply as early as possible.


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