Writco app Review : Earn Money By Publishing Books | App Download.

Writco is an Indian self publishing platform help users to publish quotes, poems and stories on their community. Currently Writco app is available as a mobile app. You can publish your books on the Writco app.

You can earn money by publishing your books on Writco store. You will get 70 to 100 % royalty on the profits earned by selling your books on Writco store. Writco app also organizes monthly contests on various topics and rewards contest winners with cash or gift cards.

Is Writco an Indian app ?

Yes, Writco is an Indian app. Founder of the Writco app is Atul Purohit, an Indian.

How to create account on Writco app?

You can easily download Writco app (Writco .apk ) from Google play store or iOS store. Follow below steps to download and install Writco app,

  • Search ” Writco ” in the Google play store search bar.
  • It will show Google play store page with Writco app window. Install the app from that page. 
  • After installing Writco app , open the app, it will ask you to sign up , you can sign in using your Email ID details.

Now, your Writco account is created and you can create posts on Writco app.

How to create a post on Writco app?

To create a post on Writco app

  1. Click on write ✏️ at the bottom of the home page.
  1. Select a new story / poem / quote. Draft page will open.
  1. Add title, featured image and content of your post in the draft page.
  1. Once you arrange and verify your draft, click on publish at the upper right corner of the draft page.

Your post will publish on Writco platform.

How to publish a book on Writco app ?

You can publish a manuscript of your quotes, stories and poems (maximum up to 100) on Writco store in the printed form.

To publish your book

  • Click on Explore at the bottom of the Writco home page.
  • Select store and click on “Publishing.”
  • It will show three packages to publish your books and they are Silverstar, Goldstar and Rockstar. You need to pay for this packages. You can purchase Silverstar, Goldstar and Rockstar with INR 5999, INR 9999 and INR 15999 respectively.
  • Once you purchase any package, you can send your manuscript in. docx or. doc format to Writco at publish@writco.in.
  • Writco team will review, print and publish your book on Writco store.

How to earn money from Writco app? Does Writco pay to users?

You can earn money on Writco app by following methods.

Publishing books – When you publish your book on wrtco store. You will get 70 to 100 % royalty on profits earned from selling your books. Royalty depends on package you have chosen for publishing your books.

Attending contests – You can participate in different contests occurring regularly on Writco and earn some cash or gift cash

Happy Earning

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. Will reply as early as possible.

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