129 Freelancing Ideas To Earn Money Online.

Previously, earning money was limited to only a traditional offline path, but now the internet is available to everyone, there are many ways/options available to earn money online to get some extra income. But to earn money online you should choose only one platform. Finding easy ways to make money fast is something I’ve heard a lot about., So, you need to be extra careful because sometimes some platforms are fake too. One of the most important things you should know before working online is that you cannot earn huge amount in the beginning. In the beginning, you will not be able to get a good amount of money, but if you work hard, you will start getting money. Here in this page, you will find various legal ways to earn money online in your free time, I will keep updating new ideas in this page, you can bookmark this page on your web browser.


  1. Article writing
  2. Blog Writer
  3. E – Book Writer
  4. Publish a kindle e book
  5. Friction Writer
  6. Web content writer
  7. Copywriter
  8. Writing translator
  9. Editor
  10. Press release writer
  11. Ghost Writer
  12. Legal Writer
  13. Resume and Cover letter Writer
  14. Product Description Writer
  15. Transcription Writer
  16. Technical writer
  17. Guest Writer
  18. Academic Writer
  19. Research Assistant – Askwonder.com
  20. Do document translation
  21. write articles on authority sites
  22. Proofreader


  1. Logo Designer
  2. Photoshop Editor
  3. Website Mock Up Designer
  4. Photo Editor
  5. Photo Retouching
  6. Graphic/ Poster Designer
  7. Icon Designer
  8. Book Cover Designer
  9. Digital Artist
  10. Vector Illustrator
  11. Print Designer
  12. Concept Artist
  13. Oil Painter
  14. Flyer Designer
  15. Brochure Designer

Web Development

  1. Create a niche website
  2. Front – End Developer
  3. Block – End Developer
  4. UX/ UI Designer
  5. Plug in Developer
  6. Word Press Expert
  7. Bug Fixing
  8. Server Administrator
  9. Create website themes
  10. Develop mobile apps
  11. Start a book review website
  12. usability testing/ Application testing
  13. Buy and sell domain names


  1. Financial Advisor
  2. HR Consultant
  3. Strategy Consultant
  4. Technology Consultant
  5. Public Relations Consultant
  6. Marketing Consultant
  7. Social Media Consultant
  8. investment Consultant
  9. Legal Advisor
  10. SEO Consultant
  11. Health and fitness consultant
  12. Parenting Advisor
  13. Career Advisor


  1. Voice Over Artist
  2. Audio Editor
  3. Audio Translator
  4. Music Production
  5. Record Podcast Ads
  6. Podcast Creator/ Editor


  1. Start a Youtube channel
  2. Sell a Video course on Udemy, Unacademy, Skiilshare
  3. Video creator

Virtual help

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Data Entry
  3. Marketing Strategist
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Community manager
  6. Live Chat Agent
  7. Recruitment Agent
  8. Customer Support Representative
  9. Accounting and Bookkeeping


  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Presentation Designer
  3. Online Advertising Expert
  4. Social Media Editor
  5. E- mail Designer
  6. E- mail Outreach
  7. Traffic Generation
  8. Lead Generator
  9. Keyword Researcher
  10. PR Submission
  11. Market Researcher
  12. Branding Services
  13. Outdoor Advertising
  14. Content strategist
  15. Product Reviewer
  16. Content Marketer
  17. CPA marketing
  18. Facebook Marketing
  19. Social media evaluator


  1. Create a membership site
  2. Interview Transcribing
  3. Teach your native language
  4. Become a stock photographer
  5. Sell websites on flippa
  6. Sell Art and crafts etsy
  7. Join Lionbridge
  8. sell merchandise on zazzle
  9. Join Q and A sites
  10. Telephone mystery shopper
  11. Become a captioner
  12. Start teaspring compaigns
  13. Fiverr
  14. Resell items on e bay
  15. Virtual call center
  16. Amazon associate
  17. Amazon FBA
  18. Data Analyst
  19. Document Creator
  20. Help Gaming
  21. Cooking Lessons
  22. Makeup Lessons
  23. Usability Testing and User research
  24. Freelance Photographer
  25. Private / Home Tutor
  26. Pet Trainer
  27. Computer Training
  28. Remote Computer Repair
  29. Uber/Ola Driver
  30. Travel Planer
  31. Property Manager Agent
  32. Yoga instructor

Happy Earning !

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