Linkable Review : Earn Money By Creating Backlinks For Linkable.

Linkable is an freelancing platform connects writers with the clients/ employers for link building and content marketing work.

Linkable help clients for building natural and diverse backlinks to their website while for building a backlink most Authors on Linkable earn 150 USD to 1000 USD. Linkable platform offers premium link building jobs posted by reputable companies looking to build up their SEO.

If you’re looking to earn money for your writing and start up your freelance journey, then Link-able is good platform you.

For whom Linkable is a good platform to earn money ?

Linkable is good platform for bloggers, ghostwriters, guest bloggers, copywriters, press realease writers, social media writers, video script writers, email marketers, digital marketers and any freelancer who has exceptional writing skills and is capable of building quality backlinks for SEO and PR.

How much Author can earn for building single link from Linkable?

This really depends on the individual author and the type of work done. For link building, the cost typically depends on various factors, such as the DA (Domain Authority) of the website and the link attribute (dofollow or nofollow). Most authors on Linkable platform earn an average of $375 for each link they can build, but earnings can range anywhere from $150 to $1000 for building a single link, depending on the budget of the business.

 How much does Link-able cost?

Link-able platform is completely free to use. However, like most freelance job platforms, Link-able takes a percentage of Author’s earnings. 

How to get started?

Apply for Linkable Author’s account :

  1. Go to Linkable Author account registration.
  1. Add personal details line Name and Email id.
  1. Choose industries you specialize writing in.
  1. Add Linked profile or your writing portfolio website.
  1. Add 3 samples of your best published articles for different publishers.
  1. Add brief information about you and submit the application.

Once you submit, Linkable team will review your application . If approved, they will confirm you through email or will update you in their platform.

Now, you can apply for the projects posted by clients on Link able platform and start earning money.

How do I get paid on Linkable?

  • Whenever client hires authors to do a job, client deposits the full funds to Linkabale ahead of time before author start working on a project.
  • Linkable hold your payment until your work is completed.
  • once you successfully complete your work, Linkable pays you through Stripe. (Don’t forget to connect your stripe account with Linkable)

Note : Linkable also have a 30-day guarantee in place for clients, which means you’ll need to wait roughly one month after you’ve fully completed your job before getting paid. 

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Happy Earning

If you have any questions , please ask in comments.

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