RupeeMaker app Review : Legit or Fake | Earning App | Download app.

RuppeMaker app is an new earning mobile app and currently it is not available on Google play store or IOS store to download and install. How to download RuppeMaker app? You need to download this app from their website i.e. from .

But when we checked RuppeMaker app’s website, we found that website is still in development. Register option is only available on the website. RuppeMaker website’s owner (app developer) information, terms and conditions, policy and other important details such as help/ support are not available on the website. It looks like the website is created in a hurry

As RuppeMaker app is not available on Google play store or iOS store, you need to download  RuppeMaker  app from their website. When you download an app from app’s website (i.e. not from Google play store or iOS store), always check the terms and conditions/ privacy policy, owner information and help details of the app. If they are not available or there are many spelling/ grammatical mistakes, then this website/ app may be a scam and your data may not be secure on that app.

May be RuppeMaker app is legit or scam, but I suggest don’t try such app until they update the terms and conditions, policy, help and owner information of their app on their website

We will notify you if they update the terms and conditions, help and owner information on their website. Until then, it is better not to use that app. We will update RuppeMaker app information in freelancing ideas

Image Source – RuppeMaker website.

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