How to Earn Money By Selling your Art at Red bubble ?

What is Red bubble ?

Redbubble is a Melbourne based global online marketplace give platform to users to sell their artwork for print on demand products. The company offers free membership to artists and designers who maintain the copyrights to their work, regulate their own prices, and decide which products may display their images.

To earn money on Redbubble, you just need to open a shop and upload your arts and designs. Printing of your art on high quality products and shipping of all those products will be done by Redbubble.

For whoom Redbubble is a good platform to earn money ?

Redbubble is good platform for artists, creative persons, freelancers, part time workers, designers, etc. to earn some passive income in their free time.

How to join Red bubble ?

Step 1 : Go to Red bubble artist sign up webpage.

Step 2 : Sign up page will open, sign up with Email Id, user name and password.

Now, your account will be created on Red bubble and you can create/ upload your arts/ designs on products for your shop and start earning money.

How to create a shop on Red bubble?

Step 1 : Click on Account button at the upper right corner of the Red bubble homepage and select Account settings.

Step 2 : In Edit profile, Upload an avatar for your shop . Avatar can be a photo or an image or an graphic icon.

Step 3 : Upload an cover image in 2400px wide by 600px high and in JPEG or PNG format for your shop.

Step 4 : Add profile details like Name, Surname, display name and add short introduction about you in Bio.

Step 5 : Verify and confirm other details like copyright, offsite marketing and image settings.

Step 6 : Go to “Edit Payment details” and first confirm your email address and add personal details, residential address details, postal address details and payment method.

Once you add payment information, your shop will create on Redbubble.

How to add payment method in Redbubble ?

In “Getting paid”, select a payment currency or payment method. You have 5 options available. They are

  • Australian Dollars (AUD) PayPal or Transfer to Australian bank account,
  • Australian Dollars (CAD) PayPal
  • Euros (EUR) – PayPal
  • Pound Sterling (GBP) PayPal or Transfer to UK bank account,
  • United States Dollars PayPal or Transfer to ACH account.

If you have verified PayPal account, you can choose any option and transfer your money to bank account using PayPal in your country currency.

Once you select payment currency , it will show two options. Select option 1 if you have valid PayPal account and click on “Verify PayPal account”. it will ask you to connect with PayPal. Once you log in with your PayPal account details and agree with Redbubble’s privacy statement. Your PayPal account will connect with Redbubble. You will start getting payment for your designs.

How to add/ upload your designs/ arts on Redbubble ?

Step 1 : Click on “Sell your art” in the Account option or click on “Dashboard” in the Account settings. Dashboard page will open.

Step 2 : Click on Add designs or Add New work , add new work page will open

Step 3 : Upload your arts/ designs in high-resolution JPEG, PNG or GIF files with a minimum of 1000px resolution.

Step 4 : Add description about your design/ art.

  • Add proper title for your art which describers your art.
  • Add tags for your art, add minimum 15 relevant tags for your art.
  • Add brief information about your art

Step 5 : Now Red bubble will show your artwork on various products such as t shirts, mobile phones, etc. Edit your art on those products and verify if the art is enabled or not.

Step 6 : Select any two media for your art / Design and confirm collection details.

Step 7 : Click on “Save your work” to save your art.

How to earn money from Red bubble?

  1. Your arts/ designs will show on selected products.
  1. Customer will find the products and place a order to purchase them
  1. Redbubble will produce that product based on print on demand and ship it to cutomer
  1. Customers will receive a awesome product, and you will get paid for your design.
  1. Money will be directly added to your PayPal account.

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Happy Earning

If you have doubts, please ask in comments. Will reply as soon as possible. You can also follow freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine freelancing methods to earn money online.


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