How To Earn Money From microWorkers ?

MicroWorkers is an crowdsourcing platform which pays users for performing small tasks (or micro jobs) such as social media engagement, creating accounts, installing mobile apps, registering on websites or apps, YouTube interaction, etc. You can easily earn daily 1-10 USD by completing tasks on

Is microWorkers a legit/ scam?

Yes, microWorkers is an legit website with more than 2,398,244 workers and they have already paid lakhs of users for completing tasks.

How to create an account on Microworkers

Step 1 : Go to microWorkers website. click on Register at the upper corner of the home page

Step 2 : In Registration form, add personal and residentials details and click on submit .

Step 3 : When you successfully verify your email Id, your account will be created on MicroWorkers and you can start earning money by completing tasks.

How to earn money from Microworkers?

When you open MicroWorkers home page, it will show you many different tasks/ jobs. These jobs are social media engagement, YouTube interaction, downloading and installing apps, creating accounts etc. To earn money from microWorkers, you need to complete these jobs as follows.

  1. First select any one job from the available jobs and click on Job name, task instruction page will open.
  1. Task instruction page will have all the details about the task or it will show “Task Preview” only.
  1. After reading all the instructions, click on “Accept and Start” at the bottom of the page to start the job.
  1. Task page will open, do as mentioned in the task page and also attach/ submit a required proofs as mentioned in the task instruction. e.g. in case of YouTube interaction, you will have to watch, like , subscribe and comment.
  1. When you complete the task/job, click on “Finish” at the bottom of the page to complete the task.

If you successfully complete the job within given time, your payment will be added in your Microworkers account. Note : Most of the times it takes more time to show your payment in your microWorkers account.

How to get payment from Microworkers ?

To get payment from Microworkers,

  • Click on “Withdraw” tab in the top menu. Withdraw page will open.
  • In Withdraw page, click on “place new request”, it will show 5 different payment methods to withdraw your money , i.e. trasnpay, PayPal, Skrill, payoneer and airtm . Each method has different minimum withdrawal limits.
  • Chose anyone payment method and click on next. Here, we will suggest PayPal to use as it is easy to use and transferring your money from PayPal in to bank account take very less time.
  • Add required information (email Id, password, etc. ) in withdrawal information and click on submit.
  • Your money will now be added to your chosen platform.

Happy Earning

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. You can also follow freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine freelancing methods.


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