Nblik App Review : Earn money by writing articles | Legit or scam | Payment details.

Nlink is an another Indian selfpublishing platform allow users to write and earn money. Nblik pay users in the form of credits which you can withdraw in Indian currency, 10 credits are equivalent to 1 Rs.

You just need to log in to app and post your article. Based on user interaction on your article like likes, views and comments, etc Nblik app will pay you.

Nblik is good platform for bloggers, writers, freelancers, part time workers, housewives’ to earn some money online.

In this post, we will discuss following points in detail about Nblik app.

Table of contents :

Is Nblik app legit or a scam ?

Yes, Nblik is an legit app, it has 4.4 rating on google play store and they have already paid many users for their articles.

How to create account on Nblik?

You can easily download Nblik from Google play store.

Click on Nblik or search Nblik in the google play store search bar.

Google play store page will open with Nblik app window. Download and install the app from that page.

Open the Nblik app, chose your Language and sign in using google credentials or email Id and password. During Sign in, if asked about Nblik invite code or referral code, use this Nblik referral code3c9b.

Now your account is created on Nblik app and you can choose reading interests and follow people on the app.


How to write an article on Nblik app?

In the Nblik app home page, click on middle plus button in the bottom menu and select “Article” or “Post in community”.

Using Article, you can able to post your articles in various Nblik article categories and using “Post in community” , you can able to create your post in your own community or your joined community.

If you select “Article”, write article page will open. select proper article category and add proper and interesting title to your article. Or

If your select “Post in community”, create post page will open. select proper community and add proper and interesting title to your article .

Now draft page will open, draft all your content in this page. You can also use editing and design tools from the bottom menu (If you use we browser for drafting your article, these options will be available in top menu. ). Once your draft is completed, read carefully and click on post to publish your article on the Nblik app.


How to join or create a community on Nblik app?

You can create your own community or can join available communities on Nblik app for discussion.

For creating Nblik community, click on second left community button in bottom menu from the home. Create your community page will open, click on “create now”. Add title, description and category of the community, and click on “create community”

Your community will now be created on Nblk app.

To join any other community, click on second right discover button in the bottom menu from the home page. It will show many communities, select any community based on category or your interest and click on join. You have joined the selected community and you can now create posts in the community.

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How to earn money from Nblik app?

When you write an article or create a post on Nblik app, you can earn money for your work based on following factors : No of likes, No of views, screen time, No of shares and Comments

Engagement on your post decides how much money you can earn from Nblik app. Increasing engagement in the post will earn you more money.

You can also earn money by inviting your friends to download and install Nblik app.

How to withdraw your money from Nblik app?

To withdraw your money, click on upper right filter button and select payments.

You can see credits in payment page, click on redeem credits to convert them in to Indian currency.

Now click on “Withdraw” to withdraw your money using paypal. Don’t forget to update your paypal ID in the profile section.


What are the advantages of Nblik app?

Nblik gives a platform for writers to write and earn money.

Writers can collaborate with each other on Nblik using Nblik community and increase their reach.

Users can also promote their blogs using backlinks from Nblik.

If you are a fan of Quora or Q&A websites then you will also like this app.

What are the disadvantages of Nblik app?

Money earned from Nblik is less as compared to your own blog or other writing platforms.

You cannot able to import your saved article in to a pdf or doc file in the Nblik app.

There are only few editing and design tools are available to write in the Nblik app .

User interface of Nblik is not that appealing as compaired to other writing platforms.

There are also few payment support issues are reported on Google play store reviews.


Concluding remarks :

If you are an inexperienced and beginner writer, or if you want some traffic to your own blog, then Nblik is great platform for you to earn money online but if you already have one blog and if you want to use Nblik for extra income then Nblik will not be that helpful to you.

Happy Earning

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If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

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