Webnovel Review : Legit or Scam | Earn Money | Contract| Pros and Cons.

Webnovel is an Indian self publishing novel writing or reading platform, available as a mobile app which help  writers to earn money for their work. You can only earn money by getting a contract with Webnovel for paid writing.

If you are a best story writer with rich experience (between 100 top writers), then you can get a contract with Webnovel and earn a fixed income of minimum 200 $ per month. Other writers can still get a contract with Webnovel by enhancing their writing skills.

Is Webnovel a legit app or website to earn money online ?

Yes, Webnovel is a legit app or website developed by Hongkong based organization. It has been downloaded by 10,000,000+ users from Google play store, and it has 4.4 and 4 rating on iOS store and Google Play store respectively.

Is Webnovel app banned in India?

No, Webnovel app is not banned in India and you can easily download this app from Google play store or iOS store.

How to create account on Webnovel?

You can easily download Webnovel from Google play store.

Search Webnovel in the google play store or iOS store search bar.

Google play store or iOS store page will open with Webnovel app window. Download and install the app from that page.

After installing app, open it. Sign in using your Google credentials.

Your account is now created on Webnovel and you can start writing to earn money.

How to start writing on Webnovel?

You first need to create a novel and give it a title.

Click on “Write” from the bottom menu, then click on “Start” and select “Next”

Add “Title” for your novel, and select language and Genre (e.g. History, Horror. etc.). and click on “Write Now”.

Now chapter’s page will open. if chapter page failed to open, then go to drafts and click on the chapter.

Add title for your chapter and then start the draft. You can use editing and designing tools during drafting your content. Once your draft is complete, review it and click on Next. This will take you to publish page, for publishing novel chapter click on “Publish” .

The first chapter of your novel is now published and you can start the second chapter.

How to earn money from Webnovel?

You can earn money from Webnovel by getting a contract with them. But this method will only help the best storytellers make money online. If you are a new story writer and want to earn money using this platform, you need to first focus on your writing and then on how to earn money by writing from Webnovel. But still you should try to get a contract with Webnovel and if successful, you can get a contract with Webnovel in one of the following two contracts.

There are two types of contracts :

1. Royalty contract –

With Royalty contract you will have ownership of your content and you can share money with Webnovel earned from subscriptions on the Webnovel, direct sales from other platforms and monetization of copyright. Standard royalty sharing is also the best option to ensure the author’s long-term earnings.

2. Fixed rate contract –

With fixed rate contract, you need to transfer ownership and copyright to Webnovel at an arranged upon price You can negotiate with Webnovel for this contract but most experienced and successful writers have more chance of getting this contract than others.

Webnovel also added new contracted works Guarantee system. With this system, If a contracted author meets the conditions of the Webnovel mentioned below, they will be given a cash reward directly.

Apart from this, contracted writer will be eligible for Webnovel’s new minimum guarantee system With this system, every contracted author’s work goes to premium will receive minimum US $200/ month in the following four months if revenue you earn is less than US $200/ month. But Author need to release 1500 words daily for the entire calendar month. There must not be any breaks between any two days. MGS is applicable for the following four months after going Premium

How to get contract with Webnovel?

Visit Webnovel contract page and sign in to inkstone. You can sign in using Google or Facebook credentials. after signing in fill up this application form . You need to apply for the test.

You can take a contract with Webnovel using this form. For getting a contract with Webnovel,

  • You must have published work on Webnovel which has reached 50000 words.
  • You must have a stable release rate, you should publish your work consistently.
  • You should have high number of views on your published work.

Note: Please apply once per book. If an author has many works, please fill in the form separately

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Webnovel?

Advantages of using Webnovel are :

If you are a experienced and successful author, you can easily get a contract with Webnovel and earn minimum 200 $ per month for following 4 months if you fail to earn 200 per month.

You can promote yourself on this platform and move traffic to your blogs.

You can promote your social media profiles.

This platform is good for new writer’s to learn story writing. Writer’s can take help of Webnovel forum.

Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages to using Webnovel and they are :

Chances of getting a contract with Webnovel are very low and if you get also it will be less for your living.

If you are a experienced and successful writer, you can make good money on your personal blog as compared to this website.

Webnovel website or app is owned by Chinese company. So, your data on this website may not be always safe.

Concluding Remarks :

We suggest that, if you are new writer, you can use Webnovel app for to learn novel writing and earn money.

If you are a experienced and successful writer, you can take a royalty contract with Webnovel and earn money by writing in your free time.

Reference – Webnovel app/ website and Webnovel forum.

Image Source – Unsplash.com

Happy Earning !


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