Why my posts did not appear on Google ?

When you create your first blog and post articles on your blog. You may have noticed that sometimes it takes longer to show your article on Google and sometimes it doesn’t show your article on Google. Don’t worry, your blog post / article has no problem but the error will most of the time be on Google’s side. These issues may be due to improper submission of Sitemaps or failure to crawl and index the blogpost.

Here you should first check if your blog post is available on Google.

How to check if your blogpost is available on Google?

Copy the title of your blog post and paste it into Google search, add space and enter the domain of your blog. Click on Search, it will show you some posts / articles

If your blog post is available on Google, Google will show your article in the first result or at least on the first page.

If it fails to show your posts, your blog post is not indexed properly on Google and you need to index the posts yourself and need to check whether the sitemaps of the website is submitted to Google correctly.

In order to manually submit the sitemaps.xml file to Google and index blog posts, you need to create an account on Google Search Console.

The Google Search Console tool helps you measure your site statistics, troubleshoot issues, and improve your site’s performance in Google search results.

How to create an account on Google search console ?

Visit the Google Search Console and click “Start Now” and sign in using your Google credentials (Gmail Id and Google password).If you do not have a Google Account, you should create a Google Account..

Once you’ve signed in to Google Search Console, your account will be created on Google Search Console.

After creating an account on Google Search Console, you must first verify ownership of your website, if not already verified. You can verify your website using the steps provided in Google’s support page .

Note : If you are using free blog with blog hosting website’s domain name like example.wordpress.com or example.blogger.com. You may not be able to verify your website on Google, but ownership verification will not cause any problems showing your posts on Google.

So if you are able to verify your website, it will be good because it will improve your posts rank on Google, but even if you fail to verify site ownership, it won’t make much difference

How to submit website’s sitemaps to Google?

After verifying your website, click “Sitemaps” in the Google search console’s index submenu and verify that your website’s sitemap has been submitted to Google.

If sitemaps are not submitted, copy sitemaps.xml file from your website and paste in the enter sitemaps URL and click Submit.

Once you submit a Sitemaps to Google, your webpages will begin to appear on Google.

Even after you submit a Sitemaps to Google, you will not see some of your blogposts on Google.

Now you need to manually index the blog post.

How to index web pages/ blog posts manually?

To index a blog post, click “URL Inspection” in the Google search console’s index submenu, copy the web page URL of the page you want to index and paste it into the ‘Inspection’ search tab and click Enter.

The index page will show you a message like “URL is not on Google”, click request indexing.

You can also test live URL to see if there are any errors. If you find any errors during live testing, you need to investigate for errors in your blog and fix them.

After fixing errors, you need to re-index the post.

Image Source : Google Search console website.

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