Review : Membership |Translation Rates | Jobs | Pros and Cons is a freelancing platform, and an online community and workplace for language professionals and freelancing companies. is a uniquely effective place to meet competent freelancers and translation companies for outsourcers.

In addition to translation, there are many other jobs available on such as copywriting, localization, voiceover, captioning and more.

Is legit and safe website?

Yes, is legit and safe website. It is used by over 1 million language professionals and it pays its freelancers well, on time and without any problem

For whom is best website to earn money online?

Hardworking language professionals who have at least 6 months experience in their field.

If you are a new language professional with less experience, you can start working on But in initial days, it will not be easy to get a job from but you will get to learn a lot of things.

So the first few days or weeks or months will just be learning. So if you are serious about making money from, just invest your time.

How to join as a translator?

Let’s start. To join as a translator, visit Proz professional membership registration page and sign in as a translator or a translation company .

You have three options to choose : 1. Free 2. Standard 3. Plus .

With the free option, you can register on but you will only get the basic and introductory features of Also, to register as a free member, you do not need to provide any credit card information.

With the Standard option, you will become a full member of and you will have a advantage of appearing before non members in job search and you will have a access to more jobs first and more benefits See list here.

With the Plus option, you will have all the benefits of the standard package. Also, you will get powerful tools, trainings and more.

You can also select stages latter. Initially, register with the free package. Click on “REGISTER NOW” in the free package, a registration form will open.

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Register using your Google or LinkedIn credentials or manually add your personal details, password, native language and country of residence and click “Create My Account”.”

Now it will show you one special time offer to upgrade your account to Standard or Plus. We do not initially suggest using a standard or Plus account. Once you are more familiar with the website, you can upgrade your account. Until then, just use the free ProZ account. Click “No thanks” and move on to next step.

Now your account is created on and you need to complete your profile information.

  • In the profile field, click “Edit” to the right of the languages and add information about known languages and their proficiency level and language pairs and submit details
  • Now click on Edit to the right of the Services and then click on “Add Service” and add all the services you want to work on . After adding services,  click on close .
  • Now edit “field of expertise” and choose fields of expertise like Engineering, Science, Finance, Marketing and many more, and close the window.
  • Now add your current address with map location and time zone in “Address” menu.
  • Now in the “years of experience” menu and add your work experience details.
  • in “Rates” menu, add your minimum and standard rates by word, hour and minute, and also add currency.
  • Also edit other details like photo, bio ,tagline, etc. and complete the profile

How to get translation job from ?

Now that you have completed your profile, you can start applying for a job from the Jobs and Directories menu.

Before applying for jobs from, create a good CV and cover letter. You can search on google for CV template related to the service (e.g. Translator CV). Add all the details about your work experience, educational details, skills and services you are providing in the CV. Cover letter should describe your work experience and projects details.

Now, Click “Browse Jobs” in the “Jobs and directories”, will show you several jobs. Use filter option to filter jobs based on Services, Language pairs and location.

Click on the job title in which you are interested and want to apply. The job description page will open, showing the details of the job, required language, job description, payment, how to apply, contact method etc.

Now go to contact method, add subject and message for client. In the subject, write a title about the job. In the message, state why you are a good candidate for this job, your skills and work experience. After adding the message, add the CV and cover letter and click on Submit / Send.

Note : When you get any job from, always check its authenticity. Always check Outsourcer’s rating. Only accept authentic jobs.

After accepting your first job, complete the work ahead of time with high accuracy. Add all the required details mentioned by the outsourcer and send to the client before the deadline .

What are the advantages of gives a good platform to language professional to earn some additional income.

You can avail several jobs from different services/ categories at one platform.

You does not require to pay any amount to for getting a job. (With free member only)

What are the disadvantages of

With a free member, you get very few benefits and most of the time, jobs will already be quoted by premium members. Therefore, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

For beginners (i.e. those with less experience), getting a job from is not easy.

With so many users and so few jobs, you can’t consider a full time job.

Final comments :

If you work hard and or if you already have a good experience in Language field, you can easily make good money from But, still we suggest to consider as a second source of income only. Do this along with another full time job.

Happy Earning!

Reference :

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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