Yaper app Review : Is Yaper app Safe ? | Earn money using debit and credit cards.

Debit/ credit cards are used to purchase items such as clothes, mobiles, shoes, books and more from online or in-store. You can also use debit/ credit cards in restaurants, hotels. But, you have to pay the credit card bill for your purchase or meal within a certain period of time (maximum 45 days) and if you use a debit card, the money for your purchase or meal will be deducted from your bank account immediately.

Along with above benefits, you can also make money using a debit / credit card without having to buy anything for yourself. Preferably, when debit cards and credit cards are used on ecommerce websites (Amazon, Flipkart) during various festivals, you get a 10% discount (or more) on purchases.

But even if you have a debit/ credit card and a discount on items, you don’t buy items if you don’t need them. But there are many people who want to buy goods but they do not have required debit / credit cards to get discounts. So, if you buy goods for them using your debit/ credit card, they will get 10% discount and you will get a small commission.

But you can’t find such customers or they can’t find you (except your friends, relatives). For this there is a mobile app that acts as an agent between the customer and the cardholder, the name of that mobile app is Yaper. This app is used by people who have debit / credit cards to make good money and people who want to buy goods at a discount to buy goods at low prices.


In this post, you will find detailed information about Yaper app on following points.

Table of contents :

Is Yaper app legit and safe?

How does the Yaper app work?

How to create an account on Yaper?

How To Earn Money from Yaper app?

Important tips:

Is Yaper app legit and safe?

When we give an app our credit card or debit card information, and use the debit card/ credit card to make purchases for others. At such times it is very important to check whether the app is safe and legal.

That’s why we first looked at Yaper app’s ratings on the Google Play Store. Yaper app has a 3.9 / 5 rating on the Google Play Store. New app having 3.9 rating is good. When we read the reviews of Yaper app on Google Play Store, we did not find any spam or paid reviews.


Also when we read the low-rated reviews, nowhere do we see reviews that cast doubt on Yaper app’s safety. Some users have problems with app speed, automation, commission so they have given low ratings.

From the Yaper app’s rating and reading the reviews, it seems that the Yaper app is safe and legit.

How does the Yaper app work?

If there is a discount on an item (preferably mobile) using a debit / credit card in an ecommerce website, Yaper app displays that item on their home page. If the customer wants to buy a mobile at a lower price, they choose the mobile from the home page of Yaper App and they send the money to Yaper. That money is credited to Yaper’s nodal account.

Once the money is deposited, Yaper shows the mobile to people who have a credit card / debit card on their Yaper app’s home page and requests payment.


When the debit/ credit card holder pays for the mobile and some time after the payment (1 day to a maximum of 15 days) when the customer gets delivery of the mobile, Yaper app then deposits the money from it’s nodal account into the debit/ credit card holder’s Yaper account. From there, debit / credit card holders can deposit the money in their bank account. or Yaper transfer money directly to you bank account if you already saved bank details.

How to create an account on Yaper?

You can easily download Yaper app from Google Play store.

Click on Yaper app download, Google play store page will launch with Yaper app window. Download and install the Yaper app from this page.

After installing the app, open it and sign in using phone no and Email Id. Use the referral code – PRIT8484B9 if asked for a referral code during sign in.

After signing in, your account will be created on Yaper app.


How To Earn Money from Yaper app?

Let’s see how to make money using Yaper app with an example.

When you open the home page of Yaper App, you will see items (for example mobile) in Deals in the home page.

In the picture below you can see two mobiles. If you use ICICI Bank’s debit / credit card to pay for the mobiles shown on the Flipkart website, you will get Rs 196 and Rs 176 for the first and second mobiles respectively. Click on the first mobile to understand more.

Source – Yaper mobile app

You will now see the full details of the deal. Read the details of the deal carefully.

Deal information is different every time, so read that information carefully before moving on to the next page. If you have any problems you can contact Yaper app’s Customer Care.

For the mobile shown below, the payment of Rs. 7199 has to be made to Flipkart using ICICI bank debit card. After reading all the information, click on Next.

You will now be prompted to go to the Flipkart website. There you will see two options 1. Manual and 2 Automatic. You need to select any one option.


In the manual you have to do all the process yourself like sign in to your ecommerce website, fill in the customer name, address, phone number etc. manually and make the payment using debit card.

All the information in Automatic will be filled in automatically by the robot. All you have to do is sign in to your ecommerce website and pay using a debit card.

After you make the payment, you will receive a message and an e-mail. After that when the original customer gets the mobile then all the amount will be credited in your account.

In addition to this you will also get points for purchases made on credit / debit cards, normally for every purchase of Rs.100/200 you will get points worth Rs.1.


Important tips:

  • How much money you make depends on your credit card limit or the amount in the debit card.
  • You can comfortably earn up to Rs 10,000 per month.
  • But we advise you to try to earn only 500 – 1000 rupees per month. If you make money by buying too much, it will appear on your PAN card, so you will have to pay more tax.

If you still have any doubts, ask in the comments. We will definitely try to answer as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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