How to earn money from Khabari app?

Khabari is an Indian self-published digital platform where you can post your own recorded audio and earn money. There are four important categories on Khabari app. You have to make audio on topics related to the four categories such as knowledge, news, government jobs and motivation.

Khabari App is currently available in Hindi and English only. But soon it will be available in other Indian languages ​​as well.

You need to download the Khabari Studio app to make money. Then you have to create your new channel in the Khabari Studio app and you have to post your audios or podcasts on that channel. As your followers grow and people listen to your audio or podcasts, you’ll start earning money. You can also make money by completing gigs.

Table of Contents ;

  1. How to create an account on Khabari App?
  1. How to create a channel on Khabari Studio app?
  1. How to post audio on Khabari studio app?
  1. How to earn money from Khabari app?

How to create an account on Khabari App?

First of all, you need to download the Khabari Studio app from the Google Play Store.

Click on Khabari Studio App Download or search for Khabari studio in the search bar of Google Play Store. The Google Play Store page will open with the Khabari Studio app window.

Download the Khabari Studio app from that page and install the app.

Now open the Khabari Studio app. Select your language and sign up using your phone number.

After signing in, your account will be created on Khabari Studio App and you can now create your own channel and earn money by posting audios.

How to create a channel on Khabari Studio app?

Create a new channel after signing in to the news studio app.

Now first select the category for your channel. You can choose any one category from Knowledge, News, Government Job and Motivation.

  • If you have knowledge of any subject, you can choose knowledge category. For example Science and Technology, Engineering, Language, Stock Market, Mathematics, etc.
  • If you want to create a news channel, select News category.
  • If you are going to provide government job related information then go for government job category.
  • And if you are going to create an inspirational audio channel, choose the inspiration category.

After selecting a category, give your channel a better title.

After giving the title, write a brief description of your channel in the description. Write about what your channel is and how people benefit from your channel. After adding all this information, click on Create Channel.

Congratulations! Your new channel is now created and you can now post audio on it.

How to post audio on Khabari studio app?

When you have created a channel, you will see the Create button in the middle, click on that button.

The upload page will open, click on the recording button. First of all it will ask you for permission to record audio (i.e. permission of mobile mic). Give you permission to record audio.

Now the recording will start, start talking about what you want to talk about or what you want to inform people about. Only your voice will be recorded here (no video). You can also pause the recording using the pause button and then resume the recording using the Resume button.

When done recording, click the Done button. It will ask you for permission to post the recording, and When you click on it, the recording you made will be uploaded to the Khabari app..

You can also upload previously recorded audio and post it on your channel.

After uploading the audio, provide a good title for your audio. Also write a little information about audio in the description and select the category. After adding the category, click on the Next button.

Now add an image or thumbnail for your audio. Also add tags related to your audio. After adding tags, click the Publish button. Your audio will now be published

Important Note: Recording should be at least 45 seconds long.

Now you have uploaded your first audio post on Khabari Studio App and others will see it on Khabari App.

How to earn money from Khabari app?

You can make money by posting your audio on Khabari App.

You will start earning money as your followers grow.

Also, how much money you make depends on how many people listen to the audio you post.

Upload audio posts regularly. The more posts you upload regularly, the more followers you will have.

You can also make money by completing gigs on news amps.

We will update more details as soon as possible.

Happy Earning !

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

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