JotterPad app Review : a freemium writing platform for creative writing.

Nowadays, if you want to write your own articles, books, novels and screenplays, you have to write using a laptop or computer. Because there are a lot of software’s available on computers or laptops that you can use to write great articles, books, novels and screenplays.

But not everyone has a laptop or a computer, and even if we have, we can’t use it everywhere. In that case, the only option you have is your mobile!

There are very few good mobile apps available right now that can be used to write better, and one of the few available mobile apps is JotterPad.

JotterPad is a freemium writing platform available in both web and mobile app formats. It helps users to write stories, books, novels, poems, articles, screenplays and essays.

JotterPad offers many creative features such as markdown and fountain editor, research functions, import text files, export files in to TXT, DOCX, RTF, PDF, and HTML formats, cloud integration, edit and design tools. This makes the JotterPad app one of the best mobile apps for creative writing.

We will discuss about this features in detail in this post.

How to create an account on JotterPad app?

First of all, you need to download the JotterPad app from the Google Play or iOS Store.

Search for JotterPad in the search bar of Google Play Store. The Google Play Store page will open with the JotterPad app window.

Download the JotterPad app from that page and install the app.

After installing the JotterPad app, open it and sign in using Google or Apple credentials. After signing in, JotterPad app will ask your permission to save the text file in your mobile. After you give permission, your account will be created on JotterPad app.

Now the tutorials page will open where you will see some tutorials, they will help you a lot while using the app.

Note : You can also use the app as a guest. But you don’t get all the features of the app.

How to use the Jotterpad app?

After opening an account in JotterPad app, JotterPad app will request you to take Pro Cloud service. After paying for Pro Cloud, you get to use more features of JotterPad app.

We recommend that you do not need to take Pro Cloud in the beginning. But if you really need it, you can buy Pro Cloud a few days after using JotterPad.

Now open the Jotterpad homepage and click the middle plus (+) button at the bottom, it will show various options to start your writing with the import file option.

Import files : You can import text files to your local storage or cloud. JotterPad app supports UTF-8 encoding, .md, .txt, .markdown and .fountain file extensions. OR You can chose markdown, text or fountain (Fountain editor will only available with pro cloud) as the editor and start a new document.

Edit files : In writing editor, you can use bold, italic, insert link/ image/ table/ equation/ symbols/ divider/ page-break and other functions to edit a document or draft.

Export files : After you have finished editing your draft, you can export the file as .pdf or .docx or .html or .markdown or .fountain to your local storage.

  • To export the file to local storage, first of all exit the draft edit mode and click lower left download (⬇️).
  • Now, chose a export method ( for example, print/ save as pdf) and save the file to the local storage.

Publish posts : You can also publish drafts or document directly on your blogs .

  • To publish a draft / document as a post on your blog, click on the third publishing button on the left.
  • It will ask you to connect/ link your blog services with JotterPad. You can link WordPress, Tumbler and Ghost blog services.
  • Once you’ve linked the JotterPad account to Blog Services, you’ll be able to publish your blog posts directly to your blog from the JotterPad app.

Themes: You can also use night vision and dark themes for better visual appearance of the JotterPad app.

  • To change the theme, right click on the profile button on the JotterPad homepage. The profile details page will open, scroll down the profile page until you get the theme options.
  • In themes option, change dark theme and night light settings.

Typography : You can also change font size, typeface, line and height dimensions.

  • To change the typographic settings, click the Profile button on the below right side of the JotterPad homepage. The profile details page will open, scroll down the profile page until you get the typography option.
  • In typography option, change line height/ width, typeface, font size and ligatures settings.

Cloud integration : You can open and edit documents in the cloud by connecting your Cloud Services account with the JotterPad app. You can connect One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive to a JotterPad account and use cloud storage for documents.

  • To use cloud integration, click cloud from the second menu at the bottom of the homepage.
  • It will ask you to connect/ link your Cloud services with JotterPad. You can link blog services.
  • Once you link JotterPad account with Cloud services, you can able to save , open and edit document from the cloud storage.

There are many other functions (e.g. screenplay) available on the JotterPad app but for those functions you need to purchase a Pro Cloud service. we recommend that you do not need to take a Pro Cloud in the beginning. But if you really need it, you can buy Pro Cloud a few days after using JotterPad.

Thanks for reading post!

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Reference – JotterPad app

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