WriteDown App Review – An Writing platform for writing Books, Novels, Stories.

WriteDown is a writing platform that allow users to write books, novels, articles, stories and save them in various extensions. You can save written files in .txt, .html, .rtf and .pdf extensions.

WriteDown app is useful for writers to write stories, book or novel chapter using their mobile especially when they do not have laptop or computer. 

In this post, we will discuss in detail the following points about the WriteDown app.

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How to download WriteDown app?

Click WriteDown App Download or search for “WriteDown” in the search bar of Google Play Store. The Google Play Store page will open with the Writer app window.

Download the WriteDown app from that page and install the app. For using WriteDown app, you do not need to sign in to the app.

When you open the WriteDown app, it will ask you to read and accept terms and conditions of the app. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the WriteDown app. It will also ask your permission for the local files storage.

After giving the file storage permission, you can start using WriteDown app for writing stories, novels and books.

How to use the WriteDown app?

To start writing on the WriteDown app, click the middle plus button at the bottom of the WriteDown app.

A draft page will open where you can add title and content for your story or book.

Add the right title for your draft and start writing content under the title.

While in the draft page, you can also check the statistics of the content like word count, paragraph count, character count and estimated reading time.

To check statistics,

  • Click upper right drop down button. It will show some tools at the top .
  • Now click vertical line button at the upper right corner. It will show all the statistics about the content.

Once you have completed draft of your chapter or a book or a novel. Exit out of the draft page. Your document will be automatically saved as. txt file. You can also latter edit it from the home page.

You can able to create folders and save text files in to that folder. To create folder, click lower right file menu button, it will create a new folder, give name to the folder.

You can also edit title and body text font, font size, alignment, line spacing in the appearance. Click upper right vertical line button and chose appearance option. In appearance, you can able to edit title and body text font, alignment, line spacing etc.

How to save files in the WriteDown app ?

When you start writing on the WriteDown app, it will create a text (.txt) file and once you exit the draft page, it will automatically save that text file in to your mobile’s local file storage location.

To check saved .txt file, go to the mobile’s file manager and search WriteDown. In the WriteDown folder, you will find the saved . txt file.

You can also save and share documents as . html and . rtf file.

To save an html file, go to the WriteDown app’s homepage. Select the recently saved text file and long press for a second. Few tools will appear in the top menu.

Now click share button from the top menu. It will show 4 options to save and share the file. Select any one option, files will be saved with selected file extension to the mobile’s downloads folder and you can share that file on social media or other apps.

Happy Earning !

Source – WriteDown app

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