What are the Best and Niche Topics for Marathi Blogs?

When you start creating your first blog. Your main problem will be choosing the right topic for your blog. If you do not have niche topic for your blog, you will not be able to get good traffic to your blog and you will have to work hard on SEO and site development.

Also in English you will easily find good blogs with niche topics. But in the regional language, if you have a niche blog topic, you won’t have as much competition.

So, if you are creating a blog in a regional language, you need to have a niche topic for your blog. With a niche topic, you can get good traffic to your blog without having to do much SEO work and in a short time from starting your blog. Today we will discuss about the best and niche blog Marathi blog topics

When you choose a topic for a blog, choose a topic that is always in discussion. At present, there are many topics in Marathi on which there are few blogs. Below are some topics on which you can write good blogs in Marathi.

Language (भाषा)

In this topic you can write complete information about Marathi language. How it started, where it is spoken, how to learn it and other information. You can also provide information about Marathi as well as other languages ​​on this blog.

Academic (Original Reader – Student) (शैक्षणिक (मूळ वाचक – विद्यार्थी ))

In this blog you can write information about essays, speeches, synonyms, sayings, etc. You can provide all the information that school children need from this blog.

Government job (सरकारी नोकरी)

There are a lot of people trying to get a government job these days. So you can write a blog about government jobs. In short, how to get government jobs, what is the eligibility to get a government job, how to fill the exam form, what books to use for it, how to prepare, etc. There are many such websites in English that you can visit for your information.

Sports (खेळ)

Cricket is a craze in India. But other sports are also played in India. You can write a blog about cricket as well as other sports.

Stories (कथा)

If you are a good writer, you can write stories and post them on your blog. Fear and love stories are loved by many. You can write stories like that

Poetry and Quotes (कविता आणी चारोळी)

Poetry and Quotes are currently in high demand due to WhatsApp status, Instagram reels, YouTube and podcast (voice recording). So if you can write good poems and Quotes, you can write them on your blog. If you can’t write poems and Quotes, you can write poems/ quotes of famous writers on your blog. But don’t forget to name the author at the end of the poem/ quotes.

Smartphone (स्मार्टफोन)

You can write all the information related to mobile on this blog – how to use mobile, what apps to use, settings, RAM, ROM, camera, display and all other information. You can also write a separate blog about laptops / computers.

Science and technology (विज्ञान आणी तंत्रज्ञान)

There is constant research in science. So you can write an informative blog about science and technology. Science and technology is a very big subject. There are many subjects in it, for example – robotics, automation, machine learning, software, Physics, electricity, chemistry. So you can get a lot of information on this topic.

Digital information (डिजिटल माहिती)

Currently all transactions are going digital. So you can write digital information on this blog. For example – you can write about Aadhar card, PAN card, license, voting card, various forms and many more.

Social media (सोशल मीडिया)

You can share information about social media like Facebook, Twitter, Koo, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram. There are so many options on social media that not everyone is aware of. You can write about this on this blog. For example – how to delete a Facebook account, how to stop the information that Facebook gives to a third company.

YouTube channel/ Blog (युट्युब चॅनल / ब्लॉग)

There are so many options in YouTube / Blog that not everyone knows about it, you can write about it on this blog. Also, many people do not know how to create a YouTube channel, how to get followers, how to make a video. Similarly, many people want to create a blog but they do not know how to create a great blog, how to get traffic. You can give information about it on this blog

Information of Gods / Goddesses ( देवी / देवतांची माहिती)

In our India, almost everyone worships gods/ goddesses. There are also many pilgrimage sites in India. You can write about pilgrimages and stories of gods/ goddesses in this blog.

History/ Forts (इतिहास/ किल्ले)

If you are a history researcher yourself, you can write about history in this blog or you can write information written by other great historians in their name. There are also many forts in Maharashtra so you can write information about forts on this blog.

Tourist places (पर्यटनस्थळे)

You can write about tourist destinations in India here. If you write information about places that most people don’t know about, there will always be traffic to the blog.

Art/ Hobbies/ Music (कला / छंद / संगीत)

If you have any hobbies, you can write about them here for example music, photography, painting and various hobbies. You can give information about how you cultivated the hobby, what benefits you get from the hobby, how much money you earn, etc.

Vehicles (गाड्या)

Here you can write about the new four and two wheelers coming in the market. You can give information about what is the price of the bike/ car, what are its features, how is your car driving or bike riding experience, etc.

Books (पुस्तके)

Old Marathi novels are not usually available to read online. You can write about books / novels. You can read the novel and write a brief summary in the blog. You can add a link to the book / novel where you can read it and give information about where the book/ novel can be bought (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.).

Review (पुरवलोकन करणे)

Reviewing mobiles, mobile apps, TVs, movies, series, in short, things that meet online or things that meet the service

Names and their meanings (नावे आणी त्यांचे अर्थ)

You can write the names of boys and girls, names of houses and their meanings. You can also write information about the last name and its history.

Personality development (व्यक्तिमत्व विकास)

You can give information about leadership qualities, communication skills on this blog.

Entertainment (एंटरटेनमेंट)

People are very curious about movies, artists and filmmakers. So in this topic you can write about series, movies, artists.

Business (व्यवसाय)

You can write in this blog about startups, new industries.

Yoga and exercises (योगा आणी व्यायाम)

You can give information about all the asanas in yoga, as well as about exercise.

Agriculture (शेती)

A blog about agriculture

Counselor (सल्ला देणारा)

Counselor on any subject

  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • Medical / Doctor Consultation
  • Marriage counseling etc.

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