What is Ira Blogging? How to earn money from Ira Blogging?

Ira Blogging is an Indian self publishing platform allow users to write and read articles/ posts in English, Marathi and Hindi languages. You can also earn money for your writing on Ira Blogging.

Ira Blogging is a good platform for story writers, independent writers, content creators, housewives, retirees and college students to make some money by writing .

Ira blogging platform is available in both website and mobile app. But, most of the users currently use mobile, so in this post we are giving information on how to make money on Ira blogging using mobile app. Also, there is not much difference between Ira blogging mobile app and website

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How to create account on Ira blogging?

First of all, you need to download the Ira blogging app from the Google Play Store.

Search “Ira blogging” in the search bar of Google Play Store. The Google Play Store page will open with the Ira blogging app window.

Download the Ira blogging app from that page and install the app.

Now open the app and sign in using your google credentials or e-mail ID and password and select the content language for reading and writing articles.

After selecting content language, your account will be created on Ira blogging and you can start writing posts and earn money.

How to Earn money from Ira blogging ?

You can earn money for your posts published on Ira Blogging.

Ira Blogging pay users based on views. Currently Ira blogging pays 150/- INR per 50000 views.

Ira blogging pays on a monthly basis. You will be paid based on the total views on your posts during that month.

Let’s see how to write a post on Ira blogging.

How to write articles on Ira blogging ?

When you open the Ira Blogging app homepage, it will show few options in the bottom menu. Click write option from the bottom menu.

After selecting write, app will ask you to chose between blog or quote for writing. Select blog, write blog page will open

Now add proper title for your post/ blog.

After adding a title, you can write your entire article in the “Content” section.

You can also use the various options from the top menu such as Bold, Underline, Italic, Table and more.

Once you have arranged your draft correctly, tick mark on post in series or post in competition if you you want to post article/blog in series or in Ira blogging competition and choose the series and competition.

Now select the language for the post, you can choose between English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

Then select the post category, add English Title and add short description about the post.

After adding short description, add blog image from Ira Gallery or from your Mobile’s Gallery.

Now verify the draft and other details correctly, read and accept the terms and conditions and click on Post. Your article will now be published on Ira blogging. It will be available for Ira Blogging readers to read.

Now let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Ira blogging platform.

What are the advantages of Ira blogging ?

Ira blogging gives a platform for writers to write and earn money.

Ira blogging publish each and every blog published on a website on their Facebook page named as ईरा. Ira blogging readers are highly active to respond to a new writer and motivate him/her.

Users can also promote their blogs using backlinks from Ira blogging .

If you are a fan of Pratilipi, Nblik or story writing websites then you will also like Ira Blogging.

What are the disadvantages of the Ira blogging

Money earned from Ira blogging is very less as compared to your own blog or other writing platforms.

There are only few editing and design tools are available to write in the Ira blogging.

There are also very few payment and subscription issues were reported on Google play store reviews.

Concluding remarks

If you are an inexperienced and beginner writer, or if you want some traffic to your own blog, then Ira blogging is great platform for you to earn money online but if you already have one blog and if you want to use Nblik for extra income then Nblik will not be that helpful to you.

Image Source – Unsplash.com

Reference – Ira Blogging website and app

Happy Earning !

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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