Muuzzer app Review : Earn Money | Writer’s profile | Stories | Competition.

Muuzzer is an Indian self publishing platform allow users to write and read stories, poems and opinions. Muuzzer app pay writers by arranging writing competitions.

Muuzzer is a good platform for story writers, independent writers, content creators, housewives, retirees and college students to make some money by writing .

How to create account on Muuzzer app

First of all, you need to download the Muuzzer app from the Google Play Store.

Click on Muuzzer App Download or search for Muuzzer in the search bar of Google Play Store. The Google Play Store page will open with the Muuzzer app window.

Download the Muuzzer app from that page and install the app.

After opening the Muuzzer app, click get started. Sign up page will open

Sign in with your google credentials or email Id and password. Add a handle name for your account when signing in.

Your account will now be created on Muuzzer app and you can start writing stories, poems, snippets, scribbles and opinions.

For writing on Muuzzer app, you first need to create a writer’s profile on the app.

How to complete writer’s profile on Muuzzer app?

Open the Muuzer app and click second write button from the bottom menu.

Now select get started and first create author’s profile.

In your (writer’s ) profile, write something about yourself and click next.

Now choose keywords or tags which describes your writing style and click done.

Now your writer’s profile will be created and you can start writing

How to write a post or story or snippet or poems on Muuzzer app?

After creating writer’s profile, choose a writing type from story, snippets, poems, scribbles and in my opinion in next page.

Now chose the language in which you are going to write and click continue.

In next page, first write proper title for your story / snippet/ poem or opinion.

Start writing your content below in the title.

Once you complete your writing, verify and arrange it properly and click next at the upper right corner.

Now publish page will open, it will show you preview of story title or snippet or poem or article. Add relevant tags to your writing. Again review your writing and click publish to publish your writing on Muuzzer app.

You can also add cover image for your story while publishing your writing.

How to earn money from the Muuzer app ?

You can only earn money by participating in competitions on Muuzzer app. When you write on a Muuzzer app, you will be directly eligible or included for the latest or occurring competition in the Muuzzer app.

To check latest or occurring or completed competitions on Muuzzer app, select right most competitions button from the bottom menu in the home page. It will show the latest and completed competitions and winners list on that page. You can also check more details of competition by clicking on check it out in that page.

What are the advantages of Muuzzer app?

Muuzzer gives a platform for writers to write and earn money. It is a good platform for beginner writers.

Users can also promote their blogs using writers profile from Muuzzer app.

What are the disadvantages of Muuzzer app?

Money earned from Muuzzer or chances of winning in the Muuzzer competition is very less as compared to your own blog or other writing platforms.

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