What is freelancing and how do I get started?

Freelancing is self-employment, a job in which you can deal with multiple companies at the same time without being associated with a particular company.

In freelancing you have a very short contract with a particular company. Freelancing work you have to find yourself with the help of online and offline sources. It is up to you to decide what you will get for it, in fact you have the right to do so.

How to start freelancing?

Here are some things you should know before starting freelancing –

The most important thing for freelancing is experience, you need to have at least 6 months experience in the field in which you want to do freelancing work.

You need to have good skills in the field you have chosen or in the field you have been educated (for example, engineering, marketing, writing, teaching, banking, etc.).

Initially, when you are freelancing, you have problems finding work, it takes a long time to find the first job and if you do find the job, you will have to work for less than others (more experienced). But if you try, freelancing works exactly.

Now first of all you have to create a resume or CV. In the resume, write down your education, work experience, if fresher, include projects done in college, your technical skills, information about different languages, your hobbies and information about yourself. Write job information if you have experience.

Also create a cover letter. In the cover letter, write a little bit about the work you did in the company and the skills you know.

While finding freelancing work, some places will require resume and cover letter and some will not but you will need portfolio everywhere.

Build a great portfolio. If possible, provide information about the work you have done in the portfolio along with photographs. For example, if you have created a website, provide information about that website and add a link to that website. If you are an architect, you can add home designs, if you are an author, you can add an article, if you are a blogger, you can a link of your blog.

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How to get freelancing work ?

Now you need to find websites that offer freelancing work. If you search on Google, you will find many websites. Select two or three of these websites (for example – freelancer, Upwork, etc.) and create your account on each website and fill in the complete information.

Attach your portfolio to your freelancing profile and add a brief description of yourself and your work. Also add your hourly and fixed work rates. If you have received a positive review from your customer, add that positive review to your profile and highlight the customer’s name. Based on your profile, employer will contact you. So try to mention all the details about you in the profile.

In some websites you have to bid to get a job and in some websites you have to create a seller account and advertise the work you are doing.

When you bid for any freelancing project, add all details correctly in the bid. Based on the bid details, the employer will select you for the discussion and if all goes well the employer will give you the project. So the bid should include all the details required for that project and it should be workable and practical.

You can also get freelancing jobs from employments websites and social media websites. Join various social media groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram Group that focus on your freelancing work. Members of these groups are mostly freelancers, clients and students. Clients post their needs in these groups and get their work done by freelancers.

Note : When you get any job from freelancing websites, always check its authenticity. Always check Outsourcer’s rating. Only accept authentic jobs.

After accepting your first job, complete the work ahead of time with high accuracy. Add all the required details mentioned by the outsourcer and send to the client before the deadline .

Happy Freelancing .

For more information on freelancing, visit Freelancing Ideas.


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