How to Earn Money from Pocket FM| Pocket FM Writer Benefit program.

Pocket FM is an Indian radio show, audiobook, story and podcast platform available in website and mobile app in Hindi & 6 Indian Languages. It brings you the best radio shows, audiobooks, FM radio channels, stories & podcasts from the best RJs and voice-over artists from all over India. In this platform, You can listen to free and paid books in many categories like Romantic, Horror, Thriller, Personality Development, etc.

You can also earn money by participating in Pocket FM’s Writers Program. Pocket FM’s Writer’s Program helps you to earn stable income by working from home. You can earn minimum ₹1 lakh & up to ₹10 lakhs per book per year. This is a great opportunity for story writers, storytellers, voice over artists and radio jockeys.

How to create account on Pocket FM app?

To read and listen to audiobooks, stories and podcasts and earn money from Pocket FM, you need to download and install the Pocket FM app and create an account on it with steps mentioned below :

  • Go to Google Play store, search “Pocket FM” in the search bar and click on first option i.e. Pocket FM.
  • Install and open the Pocket FM app , select your Language, enter Your Mobile Number and verify it with OTP.
  • Now move to Dashboard and Complete your Profile.

Your account is now created on Pocket FM app and you can start reading and listening books on Pocket FM app and also you can also join it as a writer and earn money.

How to earn money from Pocket FM app?

You can earn money from Pocket FM using two ways:

  • By joining Pocket FM’s writer program.
  • By joining Pocket FM as a Story teller or voice artist.

What is Pocket FM’s writer’s program ?

Pocket FM’s writer’s program help writers to earn stable income by publishing their novels in the Pocket FM app. Once the writer joins the program, he or she will start receiving new story , daily update and completion story bonuses for lifetime. Writers can earn minimum 1 lakh to maximum 10 lakh per book per year.


How to join Pocket FM’s writer program?

To join Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program, please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – You need to first sign up to writer’s platform and start writing stories or novels. Once you write minimum 5000 words, you can apply for the writer Benefit Program (WBP) and sign the contract with Pocket FM.

How to sign up as a writer?

To become a Pocket FM Writer, first, you need to create an admin account by joining As a Writer Pocket FM.

  • In Pocket FM app homepage, click on top left profile option. It will show all your profile details, click on “Be a writer” or directly visit pocket studio website.
  • Sign up page will open, sign in using mobile number.
  • After signing on writer’s page, go to novels and the “create new novel” page will open. On this page, add title for your novel and click on create novel and go to first chapter.
  • Now start writing your first chapter, you need to add minimum 1500 words in one chapter and publish the first chapter

Step 2 – Once you sign up contract with Pocket FM and if the book or novel meets the minimum content quality standards , You will get new story bonus which is Rs 3000 for 30000 minimum words.

Step 3 – In the 3rd step, you need to update chapters daily and you will receive daily publish bonus every month. But you can miss publishing chapters to maximum 5 days in month. If you write more than 50000 words per month, you will receive Rs. 60000 and if you write words between 30000 and 50000 words per month, you will receive Rs. 20000.

Step 4 – Once you finish 250000 words and have great reader reviews for your novel, you are eligible for your story to be made to an audiobook. After approval, you will receive completion or completion bonus.

You need to send email to Pocket FM’s official account with subject title : Book name, Author name, Request for completion bonus.

You will receive the final payment after the Pocket FM editorial team checks and assesses whether the novel book content meets the quality guidelines.

If the total number of words is more than 500000, you will get Rs. 25000 reward as final payment and If it is between 350,000 to 500,000, you will get Rs. 10000. Also if the total word count is between 250,000 and 350,000, you will get Rs. 5000.

How to upload audiobook on Pocket FM?

If you are a story teller and want to earn money from Pocket FM, you can earn money by uploading your podcast or audiobook to the Pocket FM app with steps mentioned below.

  • In Pocket FM app homepage, click on top left profile option. It will show all your profile details
  • Click the plus icon at the bottom right of the page and select Upload Audio.
  • Select your audio file, fill in the required details such as episode title, description, show and create note and click the Upload button.

Happy Earning.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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